• What do I do if a students submit an assignment more than a week late? Agree to help the student get back on track by developing a plan with her advisor that reinforces student expectations while still giving her a chance to succeed. For more information, click late policy button above.
  • Your student agrees to your success plan, but starts to slip again. She submits a project document that is 75% plagiarized. What should happen next? Post a 0 and file a COCE Conduct report. Plagiarism is plagiarism. For more information, click academic honesty button above.
  • You are overloaded with the course workload and are falling behind with your grading. What are some actions you can take to help you get back on track? Ask your team lead and/or Dean if she has any tips or suggestions to make the grading load more manageable. For more information, click workload button above.
  • A student stopped participating during the second week of the term. At the start of Week 8, she contacts you asking for an Incomplete, explaining that her laptop broke and she didn't have access to the Internet. Is this an appropriate situation for an Incomplete? No, because she hasn't completed most of the assignments and is currently failing. For more information, click incomplete button above.

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