Black Bears BY: Emilio yepez


Immigration: The black bears have the best food, fish and berries, and habitat around, so other bears from other communities will immigrate to the black bears community. This causes the population of Black Bears to increase and have more and more bears in their community.

Emigration: The Black bears have been recently fighting over women so some of the men emigrated to a all-women community, this caused the black bear community to decrease, but the amount of bears leaving still doesn't match the bears immigrating to the community, therefore the population still slowly goes up.

Birth: As the resources increases in the black bears birth rate also increases. since there is enough resources, such as food and shelter, the black bears reproduce. They had a abundant of food and a load of space to live, so why not make babies. This increases the population

Deaths: As the bears die off because of age and predators, the resources in the community increases. the bears that die off no longer need to use the resources in the community so of course, resources will increase.

Logistic Growth and limited factors

Density-dependent: The bears recently had a slight disease so this factor might kill off some off the bears and limit how much bears would be in the population. Competition through the population will also limit the population growth. Since they have to compete for food some bears will die off because of competition, these are two examples that will limit population growth.

Density-Independent: There is recent action by humans, we have increased in hunting bears. This Will decrease the population and limit the population. another factor that is recently occurring is the weird weather, very dry weather. this is very unusual weather for the bears so the population will increase because they will leave,

Logistic Growth: this population will have a time where it can not grow in size. The resources are limited so the community can only hold enough bears. The graph above shows the population when resources are all used up. the berries are being eating faster than produced so they will reach a limit on food which well make the population rise in a "S" form.


Created with images by skeeze - "black bear adult portrait" • werner22brigitte - "bear cub black" • dalbera - "Ours à collier (Zoo de Berlin)"

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