Annual Cost Math Project Julie Hohenberg, Block C

In this project, my goal was to figure out how much my family spends on seltzer every year, how much packaging for the seltzer bottles we use every year, and if there is a more environmentally friendly and cheaper option if we bought seltzer in different quantities.

The pictures below show measurements in inches of different bottles and glasses. The glass shown filled with seltzer water is one third the amount of seltzer I consume every day, because drink three glasses everyday. The two bottles shown are the 33.8 floz seltzer bottle and the 16.9 floz bottle (my alternative item).

< Important Information Pictures >

**1 us fluid ounce is equivilant to 1.805 cubic inches.

**I drink three glasses of seltzer the same size every day.

Materials used: Scissors, two seltzer bottles (33.8floz and 16.9floz), tape measure.

FUN FACT: Seltzer water was originally German!


In conclusion, I discovered that my family buys the best option for seltzer. Because we buy larger quantities, my family save over $80 and 8,300 square inches of plastic bottle every year in result.


The accuracy of my answers could've suffered from the fact that I calculated the top of the seltzer bottle as a cone, and the tip of the bottle wasn't exact.


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