Gregor Pirouzi SS17 - I came from the sea

When light reflects on the ocean it sparkles & Gregor Pirouzi's designs perform their own trick on the eye! Glamour with a nod to the rebel! Sleek tailoring & sharp lines clash yet collude.

Gregor Pirouzi prides himself by working with the finest craftsmen across Italy. All fabrics are hand-sourced from the region with no compromise.

"Alba" Style, Headband, Black with Gold, One Size £50

"Alba" Style, Headband, Black wet look, £50

"Alba" Style, Headband, Navy, £50

"Alba" Style, Headband, White, £50

"Alba" Style, Headband, Gold, £50

"Daryl" Style, Bikinis, Yellow | Signature Collection Print | Sand, £100

"Drew" Style, Bikinis | Black Sparkle | Olive | Navy, £100

"Kate" Style, Bikinis, Blue | Olive, £100

"Irina" Style, Bikinis, Blue | Black | Olive, £100

"Lucy" Style, Swimsuit, Black Matte | Dada Print | Black Wet Look, £100

"Duncan" Style, Bikinis, Gold | White | Brown, £100

"Evers" Style, Visor, Checked Print | White | Black, £50

"Frances" Style, Swimsuits, Green | Black | Dada Print, £100

"Isadora" Style, Swimsuit, Black | Yellow | White, £100

"Kylie" Style, Bikinis, Green | Dada Print | Black, £100

"Tania" Style, Swimsuit, Signature Collection Print | Yellow | White, £100

"Marilyn" Style, Bikinis, Black and Gold | Blue | Navy, £100

"Sunny" Style, Bikinis, White | Gold | Green, £100

"Janine" Style, Cover Up, Black and Gold | White | Dada Print, £100


Created with images by clondike7 - "Water"

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