An Experiment By Me

No matter how for away, we all look at the same sky.
Some places will have warms skies that seem to go on forever.
Others will be surreal, and fragile.
Some places will be crowded, and you'll forget to keep searching and looking up.
But it is always the same sky.
And I will not stop searching.
Not until the I see the sky
But this time, by your side.

El Fin.


Created with images by Mhy - "full moon moon night" • Karsten_Kettermann - "beach sky blue sky" • KeYang - "sunset the pacific ocean evening" • ChadoNihi - "sky skyscape clouds" • BonnyJodwin - "london construction city" • peterburne - "westminster big ben w" • 27707 - "night scape city skyline magical" • tpsdave - "yosemite national park landscape" • strikers - "landscape reflection water" • hansbenn - "anemone hahnenfußgewächs blue"

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