Distance learning at Telma Education for work and independent living, special education

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This blog is written in Finland, Kuopio. At Savo Vocational college we offer vocational education for everyone after basic education, for adults and students who are typically over 16 years old. We have over hundred different fields what you can study at our college. You can look more info from our webpage.

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Telma, training for work and independent living

We also offer education for students with special needs. At Telma education our students have individual learning plans and study time can vary from 1 to 3 years, depending on the needs of the student. Training for work and independent living, or TELMA training, is intended for students with special needs who do not have the opportunity to transfer to degree-oriented education due to illness or injury. In TELMA education, teaching is planned according to the student's personal goals and abilities.

Distance learning at Telma

Things got really different very quicly. On 18th of Mach we started distance learning. Quite quicly we sow the possibilities for students to learn really individually also at distance learning. Also our personel had to learn new digital tools to support our students learning.

We started to look at our groups. We have 33 students at Telma education and they all have their own strenghts and areas what they need to develope, We have 4 different groups, with lots of supporting staff and teachers (staff members 24). Some of our students needed support and teaching to home every day, some couple of times a week and to some places we could only call video calls and send materials by post or digitally.

We quicly noticed that Showbie was excellent tool for us to send tasks digitally and get also feedback and back to us. Also families and our students learned quicly how to use that application. Mostly we do the tasks with BookCreator and then share those at Showbie.

Here are some tasks made with BookCreator and shared with Showbie.
We can send videos to our students and they can send us back videos, pictures, text messages and voice mails.
One of our student baked traditional Finnish "Pulla" at home and send us picture of that.

Besides Showbie we have also used daily FaceTime and WhatsApp to communicate with our students.

We plan the tasks individually based on every students needs. For some students we give tasks digitally and for some it's more suitable to offer some of the tasks as paper versions. Paper versions we either deliver home or send by mail.

For those students who need us to go daily at their homes we have done that. We have enjoyed lots of coming spring season but also have learned what kind of tasks we can do together at our students homes. Parents have been really happy that there is also a possibility that we can come to students homes and learn together there.

Telmas Curriculum is about life and living skills so it is very suitable to learn it at homes individually. If you want to know more about our curriculum you can visit this site (It is in Finnish but there is lots of pictures)

Practicing everyday living skills
Work practice at the shop

Students have enjoyed also this kind of way to study!

Students thoughts of distance learning:

"Maybe it was first hard to get used to this, but now I am used to it. Safe way to study because of corona virus" - Tommi

"Distance learning has been ok, I have been able to sleep a little bit longer. We have made snacks, done different kind of tasks at Showbie and gone outside," - Krista

"Distance learning has been first a little exciting, but also its been ok." - Juho

"Distance learning is nice for change, it has gone well. Distace learning is relaxed and tasks have been nice and easy." - Siiri

"Distace learning is fun and safe." -Arttu

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Tarja Tolonen