Learn to Love Yourself! Step by step guide

You are an amazing person, you may not be aware of it yet but you are. Sometimes we may need a little push to become the best possible versions of ourselves. Just remember that you're not alone, there are lots of people with similar problems as you.

Step 1: If you do or feel any of the following, read on...

Rarely put yourself first.

You don't like accepting compliments.

Don't enjoy being in big crowds.

Feel uncomfortable in front of new people.

Can't be bothered to get things done.

Dislike doing new things.

Do you feel any of these? Well don't worry because I do too!

Step 2: Pick your favourite colour in the rainbow and watch the clip with the same colour. (You could also take a quick listen to the other clips if your suggested one doesn't help).

Life can be about the storm, or the rainbow.



Pink or Purple:



What to do next?

If none of these videos helped you, don't panic! Try clicking on the following links for more help. If all else fails, talk to someone. You may be surprised by the support you get.


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