2019 Year In Review SDES- Camp Seale Harris

Educating, encouraging, and empowering children with diabetes and their families to live well.

Our Mission

The mission of Southeastern Diabetes Education Services (SDES) is to "To educate, encourage, and empower children with diabetes and their families to live well." We believe that we fulfill our mission by providing both knowledge-based education and skill training in diabetes care through hands-on activities in recreational and social environments. Our programs utilize peer-support with the family as a catalyst. We offer structured health education programs in three models: Residential, Day, and Community-based camping and physical activity/recreational formats. Residential and day camps operated statewide including: Camp Seale Harris residential located on Lake Martin and in Mobile, AL, and Day Camps in Birmingham, Dothan, Huntsville, Mobile and Tuscaloosa. Additional education is offered year-round in Community Education Family Support Programs in Alabama and Northwest Florida include: Birmingham, Auburn/Opelika, Cullman, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Pensacola, and Destin. We believe that children and families receive lifesaving skills by attending diabetes camp, and also need ongoing support throughout the year, delivered in our regional Community Family Program events. SDES is committed to all children being able to attend any of our programs regardless of ability to pay. The majority of families are unable to afford the cost of diabetes education and support services.

Parent response to “What is the most significant benefit your child gained from Camp Seale Harris?”

“That he is not the only one out there dealing with diabetes on a daily basis.”

“Meeting other children with diabetes and learning more about diabetes.”

“Feeling like a normal child”

“Getting the opportunity to talk with so many other people with the disease and finding out how they deal with issues.”

“Learning to interact with his peers and talk about his diabetes. Just being away from home was a big deal.”

“For 1 week out of the year she feels independent.”

"She was able to participate in activities & not have to explain what her pump is, or what's "wrong"with her, or asked a million questions about diabetes. She was just like everyone else.”

“What she learns from the counselors and the other children who have diabetes.”

“My son can be away from us and take care of himself.”

“My son came away knowing that he's not alone in this fight and there are many, many other kids just like him that have to deal with this. He is now better educated and has better practices in dealing with his day to day handling of his diabetes.”

What children say about Camp Seale Harris

My favorite thing about Camp is:

“Being with people my age going through the same thing as me.”

“Hanging out with other diabetics.”

“Feeling normal.”

“Learning diabetes with games.”


“Eating good food!”

“All the activities and meeting new friends.”

“I’m not different or weird at Camp Seale Harris.”

“Everybody has diabetes.”

“My blood sugars are lower and I feel better.”

“Not worrying about my family taking care of me.”

At Camp I learned:

“Diabetes is different for everyone.”

“I am not alone. Lots of kids have diabetes.”

“I know what to do about diabetes burn out.”

“How to make my insulin pump work.”

“How to calculate my insulin dose.”

“How to play sports with diabetes.”

“How to give my own insulin shot.”

“My diabetes can’t stop me from being healthy if I take care of myself.”

Camp makes me feel:

“Like my disability won’t stop me from anything.”

“Happy and accepted.”

“Not afraid anymore about diabetes.”

“Like a regular person.”

“Like I can do anything.”

“Like I’m not alone.”

“I can do this.”



Board of Directors

  • Matthew Munson, Chair
  • Tip McAlpin, Chair Emeritus
  • Katie Hester, RN, Vice-Chair
  • Mike Shelton, Treasurer
  • Mary Oliver, Secretary
  • Terri Brennan, MAE, RN, CDE
  • Taylor Caffey, MD, Medical Director Emeritus
  • Angela Turner Crawford, MBA
  • Kyle Crawford
  • Brigitte George
  • Dora Hartsock
  • Leah Jones
  • Rebecca Lee, PharmD
  • Eleanor Massey
  • Christina Bond, RN
  • Ava Mitchell, DNP, CRNP
  • Julia Pacheco
  • Erin Turnham
  • Rebecca Vogler

Advisory Council

  • Gus Gary
  • Condit Steil, PharmD
  • Richard Epstein
  • Dennis Pillion, PHD