Scotland My Favourite country

Scotland is my favourite country, I love their history, their music and their landscape

Scotland is in United Kingdom, In 1746 they lost the battle of Culloden in the Jacobite movement. In 1980 the scottish did a referendum to get free scotland for their own country. My favourite city in scotland is Iverness beside it there is a Lake called "Loch Ness" in that lake there is a Monster called the Loch Ness.

My favourite serie is called "Outlander" it's about the battle of Culloden and the Jacobites.

This is a Picture of the loch ness took in 1931 in Scotland.

This is a video of a scottish playing bagpipe.

Scotland was Ruled by King Jacque before England take over scotland, Scottish Flag with the English Flag is doing the British Flag But in 1803.They Added the Irish flag into the British flag so it's became the "Union Jack" Of United Kingdom.


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