Lytham St. Annes, UK March, 2017

Saturday morning at Düsseldorf airport. All on board and excited 😄

Samstag morgen in Düsseldorf. Allemann an Bord und gespannt😄

A warm welcome

Ein ❤licher Empfang

Sunday in Lytham St. Annes

Sonntag in Lytham St. Annes

I used the opportunity to visit my collegues from my previous work experience from last summer. Before that we were at the Sndxastle Waterpark. Marcel

Ich have die Gelegenheit genutzt, neine Kollegen vom Sommerpraktikum letztes Jahr zu besuchen. Davor waren wir in den Sandxastle Waterpark. Marcel

Today we explored the area by bike. Ally recommended all these sweets and I almost bought the whole shop. Afterwards we went to the golfclub to play pingpong. Rhen we drank hot chocolate. Evelyn.

Heute sind wir mit dem Fahrrad ein bisschen lytham erkunden gegangen. Ally hat mir sehr viele Süßigkeiten empfolen. Nachdem ich so gut wie den ganzen Laden aufgekauft habe sind wir zu einem Golfclub gefahren und haben Tischtennis gespielt.☺Zum Abschluss haben wir Hot Chocolate in einem Coffee Shop getrunken!😎 Evelyn

First we were at the stables and rhen we went out to eat withSally's grandparents. It was sooo nice😄 Lilli

Also als erstes waren wir am Reitstall von 11-16 Uhr und dann sind wir mit den Großeltern was essen gegangen. Es war sooo schön😋Lilli

Today we prepared a typical English breakfas. Then we spent the day at Pleasure Beacht. Timo

Wir haben heute morgen ein typisches englisches Frühstück gemacht, und sind danach in zum Pleasure Beach gefahren und waren da den ganzen Tag 👌🏻Timo

I woke up early this morning because the sun was shining into my face and because of the time change, so I relaxed in my bed and after that I had breakfast and got dressed. We drove for one hour to the Lake District where we had a wonderful walk. The landscape was amazing, and during this walk Holly upgraded her German and I learned a lot about my lovely host family. Antonia

Heute wachte ich früh auf weil die Sonne mir ins Gesicht schien und wegen der Zeitverschiebung. Nach dem Frühstück fuhren wir eine Stunde zur Lake Distict wo wir einen wunderschönen Spaziergang in atemberaubender Landschaft machten. Holly verbesserte ihre Deutschkenntnisse und ich lerne viel über meine tolle Gastfamilie kennen. Antonia

Monday/ Montag

I woke up this morning very early, because I had to go to school. I woke up at 6:45 to go to the bus at 7:45. It was quite noisy and completely different to German buses. After half an hour, we arrived at school. The school is also different to my school as it looks older and there are many different buildings. We went to the drama theatre and listened to all the presentations and watched a play. After this we had a break and went then to the library. There I met my group and we talked about what we want to show on Friday. Then, I got lunch and me and Holly (my host) sat on a table and talked. When the break was over she took me to the bus and we drove to the Rock Factory where I bought sweets for my mum. Next, we went to Blackpool (the city where I live) and visited the Blackpool Ballroom and the 4D cinemax. After that we could choose if we wanted to go shopping and sightsee in the city or to Madame Tussauds. Lilli, Evelyn and I went shopping and it was so nice. We tasted some donuts and they were delicious. We walked down the coast and visited some nice shops. Holly told me that in Liverpool there are better shops, so I saved my money and only bought a drink in Starbucks. I then heard my name being called and I went directly with my hostfamily back home back home. Holly and I cooked typical German food, which I had taken from Germany gl England. We made Sauerkraut with Mettwurst, Kartoffelpüree,Nürnberger Würstchen,Mettwürstchen on the side and Erbsen. After this lunch Holly's dad made very delicious pancakes which looked like Crepes. From Lucy (Holly's smaller sister), I earned that English people eat it typical with lemon juice and su

gar. So I tasted it. It was unusual for me but so delicious! My last new experience was food shopping with my host's mum, Lucy and Holly. The English food markets are much bigger than Germanys! In the evening we just relaxed and enjoyed it. Antonia

Tuesday/ Dienstag

On Tuesday we woke up

At 6:15 o'clock. After that we went to the high School (LSA). At school we had a Workshop (how to be british) that was so much fun!😎At 10-11 o'clock we had a lesson with a teacher from Cyprus.🤓We learned about the history of Cyprus, that was really interesting.. After this amazing lesson we had lunch at school for about 50 minutes.☺

Later on we baked traditional english cakes named "short bread".😌 That was really delicious!😋 After school we went to a trampoline Park with Sally, Lilli, my host Ally and her family.💪🏻🌈 Evelyn

Wednesday/ Mittwoch

On Wednesday we went to the library where we decided to do our group work for Friday🤓. After that the students went with their host children to their lessons, for example: geography and art🎨.At 12:15 we were on the way to Lancaster. There we visited the Lancaster castle. We got a tour around. In the past it was a prison. There we learned that they used to have nightclubs in the castle. After the visiting we had free time in the beautiful Lancaster city where we went shopping 🛍. At 6 pm we were on the way back to lytham school.😋Lilly


We had to be at school for 7:45 so that we then could get the bus to Liverpool on time. We then had about two hours of time on the bus, everyone was tired and we all were happy when we arived in Liverpool.

In Liverpool we started our day with a visit to the „Beatles Story“ a museum about the Beatles. After that we had the choice to go to the Liverpool muesum or the Liverpool one, which is a big shopping centre were we all spent our free time until 5 p.m. Then we went back to Blackpool. It was a very nice day!!! Timo


On Friday we started with a walk from the school to the Lytham Town Hall. When we arrived we were split in two groups. I was in the group that went dancing first. In the dancing lesson I learned four old English dances with unpronouncable names. After this dance lesson we had a tour through that old house. A guide told us some facts about the owner of this house and that house itself. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures in this house. After the visit of the hall we had a delicious dinner there


Then we walked back to school. When we arrived there we had time to work on our presentations and we used that time. Then we had time to prepare ourselves for the disco in the evening. Unfortunately my host child had left his keys at home so we had to be outside in the rain for one hour, but we e played a little round of football in the garden. I used the preparing time for the disco with packing my stuff. In the evening we went back to school there we had to present our presentations. After every presentation the DJ Connieput on the best Mixtape everJ. The disco was fantastic - everybody had a great time but slowly some people began to realize that the these were the last moments together and maybe we would never see us again. I tried to make the crying people smile but I couldn’t make everybody smile. At least I can say I made no friends there… I made family.. Marcel

The End:😢

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