Introducing me

I've been lurking about SteemIt for some time now. I'm just a bit shy about social media, but SteemIt seems to be less about "Me, me, me" than other networking sites, and more about sharing knowledge and ideas and experiences. So I thought I would give it a go.

I love travel, particularly Greece, Turkey and the Middle East.

A hot-air balloon ride over Goreme, Turkey.

I love food -- both cooking and eating.

The end of a meal in Sofia, Bulgaria. The portions were ridiculous!

I love books and reading. In fact, I used to work as an editor. Now I work mainly in arts development, though am on a secondment doing research and policy.

Some books I have worked on.

But most of all, I love cats.

Our cat, Ezekiel -- Zeke for short -- in a classic porn-star pose.

Thanks for reading!

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