Women's right to vote AMENDMENT XIX

As seen in this picture women are getting people to sign petions in order for voting to be allowed for women.

The 19th amendment was a amendment that gave all women a right to take a part in the voting system. At first only some states had passed the law but after the adoption of the nineteenth amendment was ratified and made for all women including African American women. This is accepted by all citizens.

This image shows proud women as AMendment NINETEENTH is in the pRocess of being passed.

As shown below, supermodel, Kendall Jenner, promotes women's rights by channeling Rosie the Riveter.

This Amendment is very important to me and all the Other females. I would hate living in a time when I would not be an equal to a man. When in fact all men are created by females. So it would make no sense to believe why they would not be equal. Women fought for their rights which i would do too. This is personal to me because i Really get Angry when people think of women as not equal to Men.

Above is an example of a confident lady who is voting.

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