What is Good Food? By Trenton Corbett

Good foods to me are anything that is beneficial to the health of your body. It can be the fact that the food is unprocessed, low in calories or sugar, and how much fat it contains.
almost all good foods are produced from farms. lots of Animals are raised here. depending on how the animals are treated and raised, the food that comes of them will vary. For more "Good food", it's better for animals to be raised naturally and not abused.
Another source of food grown on farms is crops. Although crops are usually good for you, they can be modified and have unhealthy ingredients in them, making them no longer a good food for you.
What is not a good food? something that is not a good food can be genetically modified. this means that the original food is changed from adding chemicals or ingredients into it.
another thing that is not good food is junk food. junk food is usually high in calories, sugar, fat, and salt. eating too much junk food without fruits and vegetables isn't something you want to do.
fast food places are not a location for good foods. although this food is good to the taste buds and easy on the wallet, it's best to eat here the least you can.
how can you eat more good foods? you can eat healthier by shopping in the produce section. this holds all the fruits and vegetables, not the chips and soda.
another way to eat healthier is to read the nutrition labels. its important to know what you are eating and what is inside the food. doing this helps with keeping your body weight in check.
remember good foods are full of nourishment and are meant to enable you to thrive. eating fruits and vegetables are very helpful in having a healthy body, as well as meats.
what you eat is what you are so always be aware of what it is you are eating. don't eat junk food and be a couch potato. eat fruits and vegetables so you can live a healthy lifestyle!

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