Stephen Poindexter Designer / Artist / creative

Advocacy posters that I photographed and designed in order to normalize different body types within the LGBTQ+ community
A series of face cards about how people perform in society and show their emotions, bruises, and grace
Line art drawings with a calligraphic flair
Covers for a book series that I photographed, manipulated, and hand-lettered to create
Kansas City themed linocut prints on coasters
A poster campaign for a local film festival
Different fonts using vector design, brush pen, and calligraphy marker
Layout for an article (spoiler alert: the design is much more interesting than the actual article)
Watercolors of Kansas City architecture (the fan favorites on my online shop)
Watercolor and album cover for an iconic painting, singer, and record
Menu redesign created for Blue Hills Country Club
Diptych of the visual representation for the word, "thirst"
Logo design for art gallery competition I enter in, with various versions of it as well
PSAs for COVID-19 awareness! Optimized for Instagram stories and square posts
I designed this visual article, written by London-based singer/songwriter NEO 10Y, so you don't have to leave Instagram to look up the article. Optimized for an Instagram Carousel post.
Album redesign complete with packaging and a lyric booklet
Created By
Stephen Poindexter


Photo taken by Stephen Poindexter