Paige Tuares-Agbigay 2nd trimester 2016-1017

Hopes and Dreams

I think i am doing well on reaching my goal because we learned multiplication, and in the third trimesterwe are learning cursive.


Reading log

I completed reading 13 books in the second trimester. My three favorite books I read are...

1. Island of Blue Dolphins by: Scott O'Dell

2.Dork Diaries #8 by: Rachel Renée Russell

3.State of Hawaii by: WREN

I really enjoyed reading "The Island of the Blue Dolphins" because it was really interesting when she got stuck on the island and learned to survive all by her self. My goal for the next trimester is to read more challenging books so I can do harder things like comprehend better. I will meet my goal by making sure the books aren't too easy and I don't know all the things that are in the book.

Since speech festival was coming up, we had to find a fable to tell. Before, during and after speech festival, we studied fables. I learned that a fable is an act that shows how human act and what they should do. And there is a moral for that story.

This is a video of Madisyn and I performing at the semi finals for speech festival. We did the fable " The baby Cuttle"


My goal in writing was to have more detail , dialogue, and better leads. I did well because I added plenty of detail, had good leads, but I couldn't add dialogue because this book wasn't about people talking at the gym.

My biggest obstacle was finishing on time because friends were talking to me. I did well in adding a lot of detail. The most interesting thing i learned is that narratives is telling a story and informational is telling about something. In the third trimester I need to work on focusing on my writing.

I enjoyed writing because we got to do different things like Christmas and what it means to us and Chinese New Year and what we are thankful for.


My goal in math was to know all of my multiplication facts. I learned that you need to study often so that we got it accurate and know it automatically.

My biggest obstacle was practicing because gymnastics was from three to about Five forty five. The biggesT help was being able to pRactice in school

THe Most important thing i learned was multiplication because it makes things easier, like when we go shopping we will get an idea for how much we will pay and not take forever.

Social Studies

I really liked social studies because we got to help others in need and it was a grEat experience to be good consumers and prOducers. I really liked market day and i enjoyed doing the process especially making them.



One of my many favorite specIals is music because i love singing and we get to do maNy different types of singing


This is a picture of one of the projects we did. It is called "Fantasy Sky skape." This was my favorite piece because it lookEd really cool and was really fun making. We made this by taking a Black paper and spraYing white paint and then we used a paper to blob paint on.then we put saran wrap and crunched it so it looked like glass. Lastly, we cut it out and shaded it. And we added shooting stars and a land scape.

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