Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo was born on May 16, 1944, Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA. He has gone on to star in many movies, and has become a widely known star. He has played in Predators, Machete, Machete Kills, and many others. He was born on May 16, 1944, in Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA. He had many run-ins with the cops, and did drugs and robbed and stole from people. It took him a while to get to where he is now, happily married, and successful. Although he played a rather small role in Predators, being the first one to die rather quickly, that small role launched in to stardom because predator was a successful and big movie with many fans, but was a underwhelming film, but it got him known.

Trejo has subsequently appeared in many other films, usually as a tough criminal or villain. He is Usually cast in Robert Rodriguez's films. He is now a B-movie star, and Predators is one of the only Blockbusters he has ever been in.


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