upcoming voyage By: Archie William

April 9, 1912

I wake up to the sound of my alarm ringing louder than the crow of a rooster. I certainly did not want to wag off this morning, because it was an important day. I was very chuffed about this upcoming event. Before I leave I turn on the idiot box to watch the news. Then I realize that i have not brushed my ivories, so I go upstairs, put my toothbrush in my laughing gear. Then I realize that I did not put tooth paste on my tooth brush. After a while I finish brushing my ivories gather my luggage and leave to my destination, by the way if your wondering where I am headed I am going aboard Titanic voyage.

When I leave my house I get into my car. Then head to hotel near the docks. I had a hard time sleeping knowing that I had a big day ahead of me. I thought I was going to honk!

I spend a few hours planning out how I will make it to the ship. Plus the view of the ship is blinding.

I wake up and I felt like I was being bent as a nine-bob note to myself, because I keep feeling like this voyage may not end so well, but then again the Titanic is a real corker. After a little bit I could hear two men talking to each other. I did not want to be an earwig, but i could not stop myself. I know I have heard that voice before. I think I heard it a fortnight ago, so I go outside to see what it was, then I noticed it was the fuzz. They went to my neighbor Jocks house two weeks ago, because he committed a crime. I close the door with a big sigh of relief.

April 10, 1912

I am glad that my gaffer gave me time off to go on the voyage. After all I am just your average Joe Bloggs. I would have gone to spare if I did not get to go on the voyage. It really would have gutted me, but I know that the voyage will be knees up. As I'm about to board the ship I see two rozzers waiting to see my ticket. I give it to them and they let me on. I spent so much money on my ticket it almost made me skint, but it is all worth it.

English words: wag off, chuffed, the idiot box, ivories, laughing gear, honk, blinding, bent as a nine-bob note, corker, earwig, fortnight, fuzz, Jocks, gaffer, Joe Bloggs, gone to spare, gutted, knees up, rozzers, skint.


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