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First of all congratulations on your new bundle of joy!! Whether this is your first or your 4th, it is such an exciting time in your life. You must be so excited to welcome them into the world but before you do let’s talk Maternity Sessions. These sessions are all about the MOM to be and her supporting cast of a significant other and the siblings.

Just talking to the Mom to be for a little bit, these sessions usually focus on you and your beautifully growing belly. This is a time when you should be pampering yourself. Hair, nails, make-up and skin care!! Especially the nails as your hands are going to be in a LOT of shots. Now that doesn’t mean you need a manicure with polish - just neat, clean and trim. Go to a makeup counter at the mall and have them do a natural makeup application, or take the time to do it yourself. Take extra time to actually style your hair. At a maternity session, YOU are the star so make sure your look matches that! Don’t forget your skin, moisturizing your skin will help to ensure you show off your beautiful glow.

If you are reading this that it means you are considering your maternity session, so let me answer some of your questions.

What is your style to shooting maternity sessions?

These sessions are very relaxed and fun. I try to bring out your personality. While we include your supporting cast, I will focus on mainly you. I will be up close with your belly, and your hands. I want to showcase you and your belly as the main star. We will work on poses that allow you to show your belly and your pregnant glow. I want to evoke the emotional side of you as well. So some of the poses will be intimate, (not sexual but show passion and emotion). I want to share your love for yourself, your significant other, and your children (pets too). This is the beauty of pregnancy, every woman is different and so is every pregnancy. I want to make your session reflect, you and your personality. So let’s customize your session to fit you and your family.

When is the best time to schedule a maternity session?

Well as I said before every woman is different, first and foremost, listen to your body. Do not over do anything, as your health and the health of the baby is most important. I typically tell my mommas doing a maternity session between 32 and 36 weeks is best. During this time, your belly is showing and glowing, you are not swollen, and can accommodate most poses and location changes. During your session we typically walk a bit too different locations to give you different backdrops and options. Of course these are not far from each other but if for some reason you are not able to walk too much please let me know and we will just rotate the body to create the vision of different locations. Your session will typically last about 60 minutes. This will include outfit changes and walking. Another thing to keep in mind is if you are on bed rest, have no fear, we can do a lifestyle photo session right in your home. There are a variety of ideas we can do right on your bed, so don’t worry about anything other than following doctor’s orders.

What does a maternity session cost?

What should I wear for my session?

The simple answer is, something comfortable. If you are not comfortable, the camera will see it and your pictures will show it. Comfort means different things to different women, so some recommendations are stretch material that will enhance your curves but not restrict your movements. Dresses, ones that are just a bit closer to the body look better than ones with a lot of extra fabric. Extra fabric will bunch in all the wrong places so something simple like a maxi dress will be great. If you want to wear pants, I recommend a stretch pant material that forms to your legs, but isn’t too tight around your waist or calves. These tend to make your legs look bigger than they are when the fabric is tight everywhere. Feel free to bring a variety of ideas or outfits, we can always make decisions on the spot. For colors, I think it really depends on the seasons. Typically spring and summer outfits are usually lighter, brighter, and tighter. For fall and winter, these outfits usually are darker, less tight and muted. Of course these are all up to you and your tastes. Don’t forget the accessories too…ones that compliment but not over take. Remember mommas you are the star!

Do I have to bear my belly?

Absolutely not! That is totally up to you and your comfort level! For this reason I have 3 different levels of comfort in which my mommas fall into. Remember if there is a part of you that has become a sensitive subject since becoming pregnant, please let me know and I will do my best to not showcase it.

  •  Level 1- Complete modest, fully clothed. This one we will use the clothing to showcase your belly.
  •  Level 2- Half modest. Just the belly exposed. This one is where we will show the belly either by lifting your shirt around the belly or by wearing a sports bra, bikini top, or flowing fabric that parts at the belly with spandex shorts or pants.
  •  Level 3- not too modest, full skin (arms, legs, belly, and back). For this we usually just use fabric to cover certain areas but that give the illusion unclothed.

Where will my session take place?

Majority of my sessions take place outdoors. I do not have a studio so I usually utilize the parks, and open fields. Sometimes, I find a quiet area with streams or walking paths do nicely as well. I can do them in your home, depending on your tastes and personality. Some other ideas are by the beach, in the city, or in your back yard. We will closely monitor the weather closer to your session date. If we feel that the weather will be a problem we can come up with a back-up plan or reschedule. I mean after all, we do live in Wisconsin. The weather has its own mind here.

What kind of poses can I expect?

Here are my top 12 pose ideas explained in picture form.

 Hands on the belly  From above  Keep them natural  Get in close to each other  Straight on  Sitting  Lower angle  Emotional  With props  Great natural lighting,  Funny  With siblings

What kind of props should I bring along?

Props can be anything that showcase your personality, what your family means to you, a tradition you want to start, and old tradition you want to carry on, or anything you saw on Pinterest. Some of these items include:

 Baby shoes  Baby clothes  Blocks  Ultrasounds  Frames  Games  Signs  Letters  Books

Are there any other tips or information I should know?

  • Of course. There is always some extra information you should know. Here is my short list.
  •  Pets are allowed, after all they are part of the family. Just make sure to keep them leashed at all times, and to clean up after them.
  •  If bringing hunting items for your props, please make sure they are void of ammunition and the safety is on.
  •  If bringing confetti, paint, or chalk, please make sure it is something that won’t stain clothes or harm the environment.
  •  Most likely we will be outdoors, which means there may not be a place to change, so bring clothes that are easy on and off.
  •  Please remember, you are paying me for my time and talents, so no other cameras will be allowed, including cell phones. You will get sneak peeks, so just have some patience.
  •  Remember, taking photographs on train tracks is illegal, so I will not take any photographs on them, don’t even ask.
  •  Remember to take a week prior to your session to condition your hair and skin. Get your nails done a few days prior. Pick out your clothes two days before your session so that the day before your session you can rest with your feet up to ensure you are not swollen and are completely relaxed.
  •  Remember you will be in a variety of positions if for some reason you are not comfortable, let me know right away! Do not hold it back, this is for your safety!!
  •  Remember you want to look your best, I highly recommend not wearing anything with strong prints, or neon colors!
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