English 150 Outcomes By Jamela Bradley

In this presentation I will be discussing the course outcomes of English 150-47 with Dr.Pavletic at Ferris State University.

Analyze the context and purpose of a writing problem

In the image above is the advertisement that I used to write my Unit 3 essay, During the assignment we attempted to achieve the the outcome of "analyzing the context and purpose of a writing problem" . What happened in this activity was everyone chose an advertisement and we had to review the ad and determine what was the purpose of the ad and review and determine if it was successful. This happened to get us students to learn how to fine the purpose in advertisements and thing we see everyday. As I just said in the future this activity with analyzing the context and purpose will help students be able to determine the purpose of something their viewing because we know how to analyze it .

develop ideas and find reliable resources for their writing

Now this image was not mine but I used/ use the same search engine. In Unit 4 we were supposed to come up with a question that we , the students thought would be a good research question . We were then supposed to research our question and try and find different sources that would support our question we also had to answer many questions for example if the source was reliable or if it would help and support our question for a research paper also we had to cite the source and answer many other questions. I believe this happened to prepare us students to write research papers and and help us determine whats going to help and whats not going to help in a research paper. What can be learned from this outcome is ho to find reliable sources and how to determine if a source is reliable or not.

state and support assertions

To develop the "state and support assertions" outcome we wrote an essay for Unit one. What happen in this unit is we students had to decide what mattered to us and we had to explain why it mattered to us .This happened to help us students state something and use detail to back up what we are saying. What can be learned from this out is how to give our opinion and and use facts or experience to support it.

assess sources and information

In the photo above I am working on unit four . In unit four we also developed the "assess sources and information" . What happened in this unit that I've previously discussed we created a question and research it . Also like I said we had to determine if the source we found was useful or not so basically we were learning to to assess sources and information. Again what was learned and can be used in the future is how to evaluate something and determine the quality of it

organize their ideas effectively

Throughout the entire class for writing we've been encouraged to create an outline of our essays it helps you to get all of your thoughts down and organized .Like I stated we outline to organize our paper and thoughts. From making outlines it helps us in the future with other courses were we have to write essays .

choose words and tone of voice appropriate to a given audience

Above is a picture of my group that was taken by a classmate. In this photo we did an activity where we each got tickets who said which person we were and what super powers we had and there was a scenario that our earth was destroyed and there was a ship but only a few of us could get on it and we had to explain why we deserved to be on the ship you had to prepare a speech for the group that you were assigned to .The reason we did this is so we could adapt to shifting our writing to a certain audience. What can be learned from this is how to make your writing a certain way so your readers understand.

critique other’s drafts and work collaboratively on a writing problem

In the photo above is a essay that has been peer reviewed . For most of the semester we were put into groups and we and to just give feedback on our group members essays . We did this to help better each others essays and to learn how to give effective feedback. What we can bring to the future with us is how to give effective good feedback and to know how to accept criticism .

edit a document for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation

Throughout the whole year we had to do what is called the "McCraw Hill Connect Learning Plan" it is a computer program that helped with spelling , grammar etc. We did this program to improve in the varies English areas. Learning this is going to help us for the rest of our life , in school , a job anything and everywhere.


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