Spring 2018 Great Gorge Wahoo! St. Andrew Nativity School | 8th Graders

One thing I learned about the Gorge that I didn't know before this field trip is:

How the Vista house came to be and how over time it evolved
At Vista house, the trees are growing on one side because of the winds
You can get someone to take you on a tour
I learned about stinging nettle and sorrel
I learned that Oregon is a very beautiful and green place
It is amazing

I would like to learn more about...

...how the waterfalls were created
...how the Gorge was created
...nature and animals that live in the Gorge

My one wish for the Gorge over the next 20 years is...

...that the trees will be nice again
...that no factories or companies ruin the beauty that is being preserved there
...that it will expand and stay beautiful for the next generations
...it will maintain its beauty
...it will get even better
...it will expand and stay beautiful for the next generations

Friends of the Columbia Gorge


Most photos by Nick Wiltgen (a couple by Kate Lindberg)

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