Curating Adobe forums threads effortlessly Objective: We are looking to create a simple process to open multiple forums threads and browse in a less time and reduce human efforts.

We need three important things to open multiple forums threads in the browser.

1. Excel Workbook.

2. Forums threads URL, which we can pull out from the monthly forum post-activity report, which is sent by Naveen Upadhyay every month also may be we can ask for the raw dump.

3. Script ( This script will help us to open the counted forum threads in a separate browser by using a simple shortcut).

Follow the steps below

1. Create a new excel sheet.

2. Copy the threads URL in row A without any heading starting from A1.

3. Enable the developer tab in the top ribbon menu by going to File > Option > Customize Ribbon > Under Main tabs, put a check mark on "Developer" and press OK.

4. Go to Developer tab and click on Visual Basic(Alt+F11)

Now, we need to insert a module, where we going to write a script.

5. Click on Insert menu > Module

6. Copy the entire script starting from "Sub Mohit() to End Sub" and paste it into the module.

7. Exit the module and visual basic application window by clicking on X

Now, we will create a shortcut to trigger the script and open forum threads in the browser.

8. Click on the Macros under the Developer tab and it will show you the Macro name "Mohit".

9. Click on the Option and it will show you the shortcut key Ctrl+empty box. Enter the alphabet of your choice to create a shortcut command.

10. Now, select the column from where you want to start and press the shortcut key.

11. Enter the number of forums threads which you want to browse at a time and press OK. Check the below screenshot.

12. finally you are ready to curate.

Note: When the script is running, you won't be able to do anything else on the machine. we need to wait until its finished openings all the forum threads also, you can save this excel file in a .xlsm format to keep the macro script enabled.

Let me know if in case you face any issue.

Thank You

Created By
Mohit Goyal


Created with images by Tomomi Chu - "Thank You"

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