Amruta K Make your own life by yourself

Personal Brand according to me:

Hello everyone, I am Amruta K. from Mumbai INDIA.

Personal brand is nothing but the mirror! You show your personality, thinking & the way you are. This is a identity!


For this assignment I clicked a selfie in my office. I adjust angle of phone camera as per the light source. From my back there are lots of tube lights, so I tried to cover them by my back. I like black and white and sketch effect on photographs. For the headshot image I applied charcoal effect from Photoshop Effect gallery. Adjusted the brush stroke, balance between dark and light effect. Also adjusted detail option. I avoid adding more details of charcoal brush stroke. Finally applied all settings to my selfie.

Black & White effect

Personal Brand Logo

For personal brand I decided to use my initials - AK


Here is my Resume-


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