Social Networks Share your story

Different social channels to share your stories

Uses of social networks

Create connections

Build personality

Share authentic experiences

Fans followers & friends - which one are you?
  • Local stories - people will feel more connected and more likely to share
  • Ask followers to share local stories - sharing is caring!

Different social platforms - many different uses

  • Go to source of information for brands
  • Facebook Live & Photos increase engagement
  • Fans like pages to get discounts/enter competitions
  • Can use Boost Posts or Paid advertisements

Facebook for Learning

Closed groups to share ideas and collaborate

Turn on notifications related to course

Create polls & questionnaires

  • Real time engagement
  • Can use hash tags #LoveLearning #adulteducation
  • Organic reach goes a long way
  • Uses: People in Information & communication sectors esp. B2B
  • Example: #edchatie on Twitter for education sector in Ireland

Twitter for Learning

Tell people you are using Twitter and share your username

Use current events and real world problems in the class room

Unique # tags to follow a conversation

  • Professional route
  • Brand to brand
  • Uses: Researching technologies and services in B2B
  • Story tip: Share your story of development - can influence decision to purchase

LinkedIn for Learning

Thousands of courses available on-demand in business, creative and technology categories

Based on your professional profile & schedule to continue the evolution of you

Support professional development

  • Extremely visual - fashion, food, fitness, hospitality, travel, wedding
  • Mainly female
  • Garlic cheesy bread is the most repinned Pinterest Pin!

Pinterest for Learning

Visual nature allows for large volume of information to be explained visually

Brainstorming - group work compiling content or project based learning

Can be used to express concepts like grammar, complex fractions, and decimals.

  • Beautifully visual
  • Hashtags & geotagging
  • Engagement with likes and comments

Instagram for Learning

Student of the week or month

Field trip memories

Reading recommendations/record science experiments steps

Story tip: use at events: to show preparation work or add behind the scenes details - use a narrative with each photo but limited to 2,200 characters

  • Fun message
  • Story function best practice
  • 10 second videos
  • Younger audience - Millenials

SnapChat for Learning


Real-world examples - When you see a perfect example of your content in real life, take a picture or video of it and add it to your story.

Have some fun with drawing — Note: Be sure to follow any social media policies and do so in good taste.

Key Differences
  • One size does not fit all - take the time to know the community
  • Some can can be parked, some can not - mind your channels
  • If content is King, variety is Queen
  • Some channels use text, visual elements or hash tags.
What you will use and how you will use it will depend on:
  1. the message(s) you want to send
  2. the audience you want work with
  3. the medium(s) you are happy to work with
Range of etools
  • Different audiences
  • Demographics
  • Available technologies
Share Your Story

Social media channels starting to use stories concept

with visual opportunities and sharing potential


  • Stories are events we can learn from
  • Use cause and effect to tell a story as facts can be hidden in a story
  • Different people will take different things from stories
  • Stories are better for learning
  • People don't forget stories - they are inspired by stories

What's in a good story?

  • Plot - the problem
  • Hero - from ordinary to extraorinary
  • Conflict - adds obstacles & interest
  • Aims - work with emotions
  • Mentor - who will give wise advice?
  • Resolution - how hero conquered conflict

Twitter Resources

Pinterest Resources

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