Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale Week ending Dec. 2nd

Important Dates

Friday, December 2nd

No School

CAS will be closed (Toddler through Eighth) for a Teacher In Service.

Sunday, December 11th

Santa Pancake Breakfast and CAS Open House

Tickets for Pancake Breakfast and Santa photos are available for purchase in the office.

Monday, December 19th -Monday, January 2nd


Christmas Break

CAS Carols:

An Evening of Songs & Smiles

Please join us on Wednesday, December 14th at 6:00 P.M. for a Christmas sing-a-long event. Classes will present a favorite Christmas song, and we invite all of you to join in the fun. There might even be a couple of special performances to enjoy. Refreshments will be served afterward - come for the songs; stay for the goodies!

(Grades included are Toddler through Eighth Grade)

*Please have your child dress in holiday attire - no jeans or t-shirts. Thank you!

PTG Updates

Our next family night out will be at the Sunnyvale Pizza My Heart on Wednesday, December 14th. Just visit the location at 110 E. El Camino in Sunnyvale between 4:00-9:00pm and mention CAS or show the attached flyer!

A message from Student Council

This week in student council we have been discussing two things. Coming up, we will be having Christmas Santa-grams, where you can buy a candy cane and note to send to your friends. These will be sold near extended care and in the office for one dollar on December 6th,8th,and 9th. An idea of ours that we have been talking about lately is CAS accessories. During the cold winter holiday, we possibly could make accessories such as mittens, leg warmers, and scarves to wear. If we do come through, with this idea they would be sold in the office. Buy your Santa-grams next week! -CAS student council Emma Bowers

As we enter admissions season, it is important to remember all of the characteristics about Catholic Academy that make us a special school and an amazing community. Catholic Academy was established to educate the next generation of leaders; a Catholic education committed to ensuring that we would graduate a generation of leaders who were academically well prepared and morally centered in our faith. We are proud of this history of education and especially proud of our alumni who have already entered the working world armed with the ethic and the intellect to make positive change.

Catholic Academy is a globally-minded school committed to the art and science of innovation.

In addition, Catholic Academy is also a Drexel School. As we enter admission season and look to welcome new families to our campus and our school, it is important that we all share an understanding of what it means for the stability and resources of our school to be part of the Drexel School System in the Diocese of San Jose. In order to assist our families with understanding this unique opportunity that our school has embraced, I will be including a small section in the newsletter weekly to describe what the Drexel School System is, why we decided to join and become a Drexel school and how it benefits our school community to be part of the Drexel School System. Please take the time to read these small sections- I hope you will find them informative and I hope that they will provide you with some meaningful perspective about Catholic Academy! This 3-part series of inserts will begin next week.

A Letter from the Principal

Dear Parent,

How busy we are! I offer a special thanks this week to the SAC leadership and all of the parents and teachers who were able to attend the coffee hours. It was both informative and restorative to listen to the voices that make our community what it is. And while there is much to do as we move forward, I was touched by the time and thoughtful input of everyone in attendance. Creating space for healthy feedback loops is so important, and we are fortunate to have dedicated parents willing to put in the time to organize and to listen. Bravo, team!

Like the students we all love and care for, we too are learning and growing.

And, as we approach the celebrations of His birth, I look forward to seeing you and enjoying some precious memories of our time at CAS. The Open House, the Christmas performance and the classroom parties will no doubt happily bring us together as we prepare for a well-deserved Christmas break.

If you are able, we would appreciate any help hanging our small Open House posters around town; we have a stack in the office for anyone who is open to taking them to their local shops or libraries. We are hoping for a great turn out, and are grateful to our marketing volunteers, breakfast volunteers and of course Santa for making the day possible. We are going to have one amazing party!

May your weekend be peaceful and joyful as we reflect this season of Advent.

Warm Regards,

Susan Morrissey



This week in Toddlers we have been tackling some exciting projects. We are continuing with our gardening lesson. We planted a herb garden that we will later use for food preparation. We send out a huge THANK YOU to Maureen Lane ( aka Grammo) for helping us plant our poppy garden.

This week we also learned about Georgia O'Keeffe, an American painter. She was known as the "Mother of American modernism." The toddlers did a magnificent job of simulating her works of large flowers.


This week in preschool has been full of hands on learning. We are still working on our gardening projects which helps the children learn about plant anatomy, plant care, and of course cleaning up after ourselves.

We also tried a new activity with our food tasting and the children loved it! We fresh squeezed oranges and tasted the juice. This activity was a bit of a challenge as the children are still strengthening the hand muscles and dexterity but they were successful!


This week in kindergarten, students participated in a class number talk where they used "mental math" to explain their quick counting. After some think time, they took turns explaining their reasoning to the class. Also, they have been working hard becoming familiar with the hundreds chart and skip counting!

First Grade

Grade 1 Language Arts explored the genre of fables this week as we read "Jack and the Wolf." The class wrote responses to the Essential Question: What lessons can we learn from story characters? We discussed that stories can teach us lessons in honesty, friendship, and many other things!

Second Grade

The second-graders have just culminated the graph lessons with a project.

They chose their topic, their title and the type of graph. Then, they interviewed and came up with a survey. They had many practice sessions throughout November. And the projects are remarkable.

Third Grade

St. Nicholas Feast Day tradition

Third and Fourth Grade students at CAS have been working together on an Advent service project. For the past 25 years, students at St. Cyprian then CAS have created paper St. Nicholas “shoes” and filled them with holiday chocolates and candy canes. These shoes will be given to seniors club from St. Cyprian Parish at their annual Christmas luncheon to thank them for their on-going help and support.

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade class prepped themselves with some background knowledge about the Kepler and TESS Missions.

The class researched about these missions to be prepared for the speaker. Additional, they talked about the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, and why) as to formulate questions for our guest speaker. Mr. Carlino, from NASA, will be a guest speaker on Wednesday to talk about his missions.

Fifth Grade

This week the students learned to make their own breadboard electric circuits. They demonstrated basic, series and parallel circuits.

They also did research to differentiate between these terms whose meanings often overlap:

1) Electric and Electronic

2) Data and Information

3) Hard copy and Soft copy

For thanksgiving, the students had an activity where they each wrote on a card stock leaf about what they are thankful for in life and hung it up on a Gratitude tree. The answers were straight from the heart and the tree turned out beautiful.

Sixth Grade

This week in 6th-grade science we are learning about the four different kinds of volcanoes that include shield, cinder, composite, and the infamous super volcano. In addition, we are also reviewing the life cycle of volcanoes; how they are born, erupt, and go extinct.

Seventh Grade

Art & Design:

This week in art, the students had a lesson in art history. They were introduced to Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh was a post-impressionist painter whose work, notable for its beauty, emotion and color, highly influenced 20th-century art. The students were introduced to Van Gogh's

"Starry Night" 1889 painting. Van Gogh's night sky is a field of roiling energy. "Looking at the stars always makes me dream," Van Gogh said,

"Why, I ask myself, shouldn't the shining dots of the sky be as accessible as the black dots on the map of France?

"Throughout the ages people have been drawn to the night sky, to its stillness, sublimity, and infinitude, which together evoke in us emotions of peace and humility, awe and wonder. In The Starry Night, van Gogh fused those feelings with a sense of the surging energies of terrestrial nature, which he conveyed—in terms of his own style—with the confidence of his composition, the dynamism of his brush, and the resonance of his color."

-Richard Thomson, Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night, New York: The Museum of Modern Art (2008)

In Industrial Design, the students are now in their last phase of their toothbrush and utensil designs. They are getting ready for their presentations next week.

Eighth Grade

The Spirit of Advent by Emma B., Grade 8

Advent is a time of reflection and giving. The word Advent means "coming." During Advent, Christians anticipate the birth of Christ. We can reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ, The Son of God, and the miracle of The Holy Spirit. December 25 is the holiest night of the Christian year. People reflect on what God gave us and in return give to others. Many people put others before themselves during this holy holiday. Advent reminds me of my family, celebrating each other and Christ. One thing I love to do during advent is to decorate the Christmas tree with my family. I love to look at all of the ornaments that family members and friends have given over all of my life. Looking over all these things reminds me of special people in my life, which reminds me of Christ. Advent is a holy time of year.


The theme of this week is "weather." The vocabularies have "sunny 晴天 qíng tiān," "rainy 下雨天 xià yǔ tiān, " "cloudy 陰天 yīn tiān" and "snowy 下雪天 xià xuě tiān." The students are able to relate the pictures to the Chinese words; then they made their weather wheels. Otherwise, 5th-8th grade students start learning how to write the simple Chinese characters such as big 大, small 小, down 下, sky 天, moon 月, and date 日. Until now, 1st - 8th grade students already learned six sentences and around 30-40 words. Hopefully all students could practice speaking these words and sentences at home!

Physical Education/Health

Now that the basketball fundamentals is well underway, we have started on our shooting camps. Because the lower grades are still developing the upper body muscles and gross motor control, we are keeping the our free-throw shots pretty simple by having them supplying power using their leg muscles to give the extra push. Older students are improving the nuances and fine motor development of shooting from the 3 point line. Next week we will have drills in passing and layups tactics as well as a few Health classes about food choices and food habits.

Lastly, now that December is upon us, please ensure that your child has extra sleeves or layers to put on and take off as needed to adapt to changing temperatures at CAS.

Extended Care

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the Extended Care is going full speed into the Christmas mood starting with music and holiday themes from now and until the end of the year! This weeks highlights included activities like 'glowy lightbulbs' and tree onaments. Now that the seasons have changed and the clocks are wound forward, we can feel the drop in temperature as soon as the sun goes down around 4:45 PM. Because of this, please ensure that your child has at least a sweater to keep our guests warm, even on evenings when we go into the gym. Lastly, several parents have approached Mr. Lee and Mrs. Placencia about adding times or making changes to their family registration arrangements with the coming month/year. Should you wish to join or change our Extended Care program at CAS, feel free to contact the director any time and we will be happy to help you find a scheduled program than is just right for your family's needs.

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