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This guide is made to provide resources to Apps to have students (using iOS devices) display their learning in meaningful and creative ways. We will start with the App I used to create this guide:

Adobe Spark Page

  • create a beautiful looking website that can be shared with the world
  • add free creative commons images or your own
  • automatically formats itself for mobile
  • syncs with the web version so you can use from computer and iOS interchangeably

Audio, Podcast & Radio Creation Apps


  • Record directly or call a contact to create podcasts
  • Build and then send your podcast to Apple Podcasts & Google Play Music directly with the App
  • Create stations including with music from Apple Music & Spotify
  • Upload edited audio directly to their website as well

Garage Band

  • Simply add your voice
  • Use digital instruments and loops to add to voice recording
  • Use built in sound FX


  • Although for made for movies, you can easily record and edit sound within the app
  • Add your own music & samples to your project
  • Use built in sound FX
  • Save your podcast/radio advertisement as a movie

Opinion Podcasts

  • Simply add voice parts to one recording
  • Drag and drop to organize
  • Add your own music & sound files as well

Bossjack Jr.

  • Make a "live" podcast/radio recording
  • Add your own music and sound FX to the soundboard for easy playing during the "live" recording
  • Create your own sounds on the soundboard as well

Print & Online Image Creation Apps

Camera App

  • Capture images for your advertisement
  • Use native editing from native Photos App

Adobe Spark Post

  • Combine your images and text into beautiful art
  • Pick from samples to remix for a theme or look
  • Add more text and customize each image


  • Combine your images and text in to art
  • Select from hundreds of themes & samples
  • Add more text and customize each image

Explain Everything

  • Use this swiss army knife app to add photos, text & shapes on a blank canvas
  • Draw with finger/pencil/stylist as well


  • Use Apple's swiss army knife app to add photos, text & shapes on a blank canvas


  • Search for images as a background
  • Select from many typography styles and type your message


  • Add great looking text to photos
  • Add great looking artwork as well

Video Creation Apps

Camera App

  • Capture all of the clips you need in landscape
  • Capture video in standard, time-lapse or slo-mo modes


  • record video and have captions "live titles" automatically created
  • add effects such as filters, labels, stickers and emoji
  • string multiple clips together to create a movie
  • add music from the app that will automatically time itself to the length of the movie or add your own music

iMovie for iPad

  • Simply edit video and photo clips together with transitions
  • Do more complex editing such as green screen keying, changing speed of clips & adding titles

Adobe Clip

  • Automatically sync video and photos with a soundtrack
  • Or use basic and advanced editing features

TouchCast Studio

  • Create a news studio feel and record directly with green screen
  • Sync multiple devices together and switch between them in real time
  • Add titles, whiteboards, maps and much more right to your video

Adobe Spark Video

  • Use video, photos, visuals, music and your voice to tell a story
  • Access creative commons photos and icons to legally use photos you don't own
  • Animate it according to a theme that you select

Green Screen

  • Create green screen videos and photos
  • Capture video inside of the app or with the standard camera app
Created By
Scott Sheeler


Created with images by Aaron Burden - "untitled image" All other images are screen shots using the actual apps.

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