Reagan Era by: Matt Stewart


  • Cut government spending
  • Lowered taxes- This helped businesses grow
  • Trickle down economics
  • Supply side economics- Allowed companies the opportunity to make profits, and encouraging investment, will stimulate the economy.
  • Deregulating the economy- Is the reduction or elimination of government power in the economy.


  • Just Say no- Was an advertising campaign against drugs started by Nancy Reagan.
  • Watkins Commission- AIDS research/investigation
  • Abortions
  • "A Nation at Risk" Reagans warning of education becoming a political issue
  • Rise of Gay Rights
  • Affirmative Action debate- The Affirmative Action policy helps disadvantaged groups and minorities. The problems with this is it can set students up for failure, can be used for discrimination, it can create diversity of skin color but not diversity of ideas.


  • Increased military spending- Fears of communism led to the increase spending in our military.
  • Increase nuclear arsenal- The increase in the threat of the soviets increased so the president increased the nuclear arsenal.
  • Silent Majority- A group of people who don't show their opinion but can determine an election. This helped Ronald Reagan get into office.

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