The Artist Sessions Episode 5 May 14, 2020

The launch of PoMo Writes Facebook group.

To launch the PoMo Writes Facebook group, four Tri-Cities authors discuss book marketing during a pandemic.

PoMo Writes is a place for authors discuss the business side of writing. This closed Facebook group will cover local events and opportunities, along with articles about book marketing trends and tips.

Erik D'Souza

Erik D’Souza is an author and publisher who lives in Port Moody, BC. His written works have appeared in various magazines, anthologies, and literary websites. He is on the executive committee of the Tri-City Wordsmiths, an active member of the Port Moody Writers Group and the Off the Page Speakers Group. He organizes and hosts the popular reading series, Writers in our Midst, at the Port Moody Library.

Erik is the co-owner of the publishing company Timbercrest Publishing. Death in Halfmoon Bay will be the third book he’s published. Previous titles were: Straight Men in Gay Bars (creative non-fiction/memoir) and New Beginnings (an anthology of BC writers). All titles are available on Amazon. To learn more visit timbercrestpublishing.com.

Death in Halfmoon Bay is a traditional/cozy mystery; told in the spirit of Agatha’s Christie’s Miss Marple.

A twisted act of love, relentless politics, and multiple poisonings pit neighbour against neighbour in what was once a serene, West Coast retirement community. From the beginning, Suzanne Rickson is confident that her nemesis, Regina Snow, has murdered the HOA treasurer. All she has do is prove it.

When a rumour re-surfaces that her husband was having an affair with the deceased, Suzanne realizes that everyone, including the police, considers her the prime suspect. Can Suzanne establish her own innocence as evidence is rapidly pilling up against her?

Debra Purdy Kong

Award-winning writer, Debra Purdy Kong, has lived in Port Moody for over 30 years. She’s published more than one hundred short stories, essays, and articles for publications that include Chicken Soup for the Bride’s Soul, B.C. Parent Magazine, and the Vancouver Sun.

Her criminology studies and work as a patrol & communications security officer, provided inspiration for her Casey Holland transit mysteries set in the Lower Mainland. She recently released book #6 in the series, The Blade Man. She is a longstanding member (and former board member) of Crime Writers of Canada, and a facilitator for the Creative Writing Workshop through Port Moody’s Parks & Recreation Program. More information about Debra and her books can be found at debrapurdykong.com

The explosive sixth installment of the Casey Holland transit mysteries.

Who is the Blade Man and why has this mysterious loner been attacking Mainland Public Transport bus drivers? And who is trying to burn MPT down? The company’s president suspects an inside job and orders security officer Casey Holland to launch an internal investigation or face termination.

The National Post - “Kong’s writing is no-nonsense at best . . . the end result is a mystery that fits the bill.”

Cam Anderson

Author and blogger, Cam Anderson, seeks new ways to fund governments and charities as the legacies of our generation. He has worked in large organizations for forty years in a variety of management and business analyst roles. He was a contributor and the head of the marketing team for New Beginnings, an anthology of creative writings from BC Authors. His website is FutureLegacies.ca.

Cam Anderson, Erik D'Souza and Eileen Holland are contributing authors in this anthology of short stories. Cam Anderson was also the marketing manager for New Beginnings.

Everyone has had a New Beginning at some time in their life: births and deaths, leaving home or creating a new one in a strange land, finding love for the first time, or losing it and starting over.

In this book, you’ll find many ways humans, and animals, experience transition and change as told by BC writers who vary in age, background, gender, and religion. What they have in common is their strength and ability to thrive during their New Beginnings.

New Beginnings is a collection of short stories, poems and creative non-fiction from thirty BC authors. All proceeds will be donated to a local charity, SHARE Family and Community Services.

Eileen Holland

Eileen Holland is the author of the humorous children’s books Sophie Trophy (Crwth Press, March, 2019) and Sophie Trophy Too (Crwth Press, March, 2020, ages 7-9). Eileen has dozens of magazine article credits, is the former Associate Western Editor of an Ottawa-based magazine, and attended the 2002 B.C. Festival of the Arts Literary Arts Program as a jury-selected delegate. Her essay “Five Shovelfuls of Earth” was published in Letting Go: An Anthology of Loss and Survival. Eileen wrote an historic document The Story of Nelson Public Library 1986-2013, and contributed her story “Ribbit Fish” to the anthology New Beginnings, a publishing project that donates its net proceeds to SHARE. She taught elementary school for 33 years, in Campbell River, Vancouver, and Coquitlam.

There’s a new girl in Sophie’s grade 3 class. Hailey is confident and she loves to laugh. Sophie badly wants to be her friend. But every time she tries to be pals with Hailey, disaster strikes. Worse yet, Hailey easily becomes friends with Sophie’s buddies, Brayden and Enoli. Time after time, Sophie feels left out. Will she always be Hailey’s never-ever-ever friend?


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