Cultural Briefing 2020 Arts Education, Heritage, Science, and Cultural Equity

Amend Cultural Access Legislation

Current CAWA legislation puts restrictions on cities and counties with a population over 1.5 million. We wish to remove those restrictions so that communities can create cultural access programs that reflect their community needs.

Fully Fund a Statewide Data Dashboard

4Culture created a data dashboard based on data from Washington’s Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI) showing information about arts education in King County school districts. It revealed a deeply inequitable distribution of required, core arts programs.

Equitable Levy and Local Effort Assistance Structures Targeted to Student Needs

Current funding system allocates education dollars based on district property values, not student need. This impacts the types of programming and opportunities students have access to--reinforcing inequities.

Support ArtsWA's Arts Integration and Early Learning Program

Early childhood educators will expand their ability to facilitate interdisciplinary, arts-integrated lessons and receive support to make intentional connections between the arts and the development of math, language, and social emotional skills.

Building for the Arts

Building for the Arts has supported 241 projects, providing approximately $113M in capital support across the state.

Film Incentives

Continue to support the first production incentive program in the country to reserve its funding exclusively for projects that are creatively driven by Washington resident filmmakers.

Fund the SunDome

Repairs to the artwork are needed or the state risks losing it altogether.

Creative Districts

This small-scale capital improvement pilot program will boost the tourism and economic potential of communities.

Fund Maritime Heritage

The governor's proposed 2020 supplemental Budget includes one-time funding of $150,000 in DAHP's budget to support development of the management plan-- an amount that will be matched with federal funds.

A Reusable Bag Bill for Washington

On average, American use 500 plastic bags a year. That is 2 billion used in Washington State alone.

Sustainably fund WDFW

To avoid the loss of services and recreational and commercial opportunities, fully fund the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife on an ongoing basis.

Expanded Powers to Historical Societies

Support HB 2837 and SB 6571

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Created with images by Ben Mullins - "untitled image" • Autumn Studio - "We were roaming the streets of Singapore’s Chinatown with no particular destination or agenda in mind. Turning into an alley along Keong Saik Road, we saw this vibrant mural and couldn’t resist snapping a picture. Created by Singapore artists who go by the moniker ‘Ripple Root’, this wall is so vibrant and definitely adds to the area’s buzzing good vibes." • wyman H - "untitled image" • Masha Kotliarenko - "untitled image" • Bryan Hanson - "untitled image"