Yesenia's goal setting project <3 english 2 period 1

Semester Goal:

By the end of the semester I want to have mostly A's and maybe 2 B's.

ways i can achieve this goal:

step 1: The first thing I can do is to keep up with my work.

step 2: Another thing I can do is to turn in all of my work on time.

step 3: And lastly I can work really hard to keep my grades up.

Dreams only work if you do. -unknown-

English Goal:

My goal in English class is to turn in all of my work on time and completed.

Ways i can achieve this goal:

Step 1: do my homework every night

Step 2: use class time wisely.

Dream big or go home! - unknown-

High School Goal:

My goal during high school is to get enough credits for an advanced diploma so I can go to any University that I've got my eye on.

How i can achieve this goal:

step 1: First to achieve this goal I must have fine arts in my schedule.

step 2: I will need to do two years of a foreign language.

After High School Goal:

After high school my goal/dream is to build my acting career.

Acting isn't just a passion, it's my life... -nicolas cage-

Personal Growth

My goal in personal growth is to grow as an individual and in experience and become a better student from now until I graduate.


How I can achieve this goal

step 1: pay attention in school

step 2: care more about my education

Learning/Schooling who are we fooling? -unknown-


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