The Adventures of Almyah A Story Involving A Water Drop,And an AdVenturE by Micah E. Alailima

There once was a water droplet named Almyah Nidero,in which,fun fact,Almyah is Arabic for water.Almyah was your average soil surface living water drop.That is,until he decided he'd change his style.

Almyah has decided he would transpire through a tree that he always passes by when he goes through his life in the cycle.

"Well,here goes nothing!"He thought to himself as he infiltrated into the tree,whilst ignoring the many signs saying DO NOT ENTER.

As he looked around upon entering the tree,he had a bit of regret of doing so.He felt like someone,or something,was watching him.

"Hello?Anyone there?Hello?"Almyah called out as he looked around the massive area he stands in.Suddenly,he felt something poke him in the neck.

"Ouch!That hurt!Ow!"He kept complaining for a while.But,as he was doing so,he slowly,very slowly,began to fall asleep.By the time he finally bothered to check what it was,he was fast asleep.

When he woke up,things looked for the worst.He was in some sort of prison cell in the sky.

"Wh-where am I?"Almyah stuttered,looking around.It seemed he was stuck in some sort of prison cell.

"It seems your luck ran out,Mr.Nidero."

"Huh?Who said that?"Almyah replied,turning around near instantly.What he saw was a water droplet.He was scared on his left eye.He had a very scratchy voice,like nails scratched along a chalkboard.With all scary things,of course,there are less scary things about the same thing.He was short.Like,two thirds of Almyah's height.

"Welcome to Cloudcatraz,the un-precipitate cloud prison! This,essentially,is your prison cell."The man informed."You're going to be here for a while."

"What exactly did I do?"Almyah asked,confused.

"Transpirate through the wrong trees.Couldn't you read the signs?" The man replied.

"What signs?"Almyah asked in confusion.

"Never mind.Your lack of sight might be from all that dirt under there.But still,you'll be here for a while."The man said,sounding more unfriendly than forgiving."And before you ask,you call me The Drop.You'll also have an inmate as well."Suddenly,two guards appeared holding someone else."Well,speak of the sunlight,or something like that."The Man said.

Almyah noticed the other guy being carried toward his cell.He seemed a lot more friendly,with a big smile across his face,and not even trying to get out of the guards' grasp.Of course,comparing to some of the other water drops around here,he seems fine.

"Almyah Nidero,meet your new inmate,Waterietò Buêctha."The Drop said.

"You didn't pronounce it right."Waterietò replied,and although he looked happy,he didn't sound like it.He has a deep voice,deeper than the ocean in fact."It's pronounced Water-I-Eto Bu-Ect-Ha"

Two months of later,Almyah just wants to leave.Waterietò having that big smile all the time didn't seem like a problem at first.Now it's getting to be creepy.So,one day,I went up to him and said,"How do you stay happy?You're in a prison cell with no way out!"

"Heh,time flies when you have fun,right?"he replied with a smile.

Now,of course,all clouds you can precipitate through,right?This on the other hand is actually...different.Its artificial.It's just simply a prison,although they try to say it's a cloud.As much as they say though,it is still identifiable as a built cloud,blending in with the others.

"Wait a second,can't water just go through?"Almyah realized that water could just go through the prison cell.He attempted to go through the cell bars.Suprisingly,it worked.

"How'd you do that?"Waterietò asked in shock.

"Water physics,"Almyah answered."Just walk through!"Waterietò walked through with ease.He and Almyah haven't actually done much.Well,at least Almyah didn't do much anyways.They then snuck out,and jumped to the ocean.Almyah didn't jump though.Waterietò pulled him down with him.

"Looks nice down here.Although,it is rather cold down here."Almyah said,looking around."I'm going to lay in the sun for a while.See ya around!"

"Same to you.Same to you,"Waterietò replied."Oh!By the way,thanks."

"Anytime!"Almyah replied,as he was slowly evaporating.

After just a few weeks,Almyah landed on another cloud.But this one was different.It was an actual cloud.Almyah,being new to the whole being on a cloud thing,he asked for directions from one of the water drops on the cloud,in which he thought looked familiar.

"Hey,I'm looking for-"


"Yes that's me-wait,how do you recognize me?"Almyah is confused about the situation.An awfully familiar figure knows his name.

"Really,you can't remember your best friend's name?"He said in shock.

"Muhammad?Hey man!Waddup?"Almyah replied.Seeing his best friend is the first thing he wished for.They talked for a while,Almyah explaining everything.

"So,is there a way to get home?"Almyah asked.

"If you go right now,you won't even be close.But,if you go in a month or so,then you go onto a glacier.You then travel through the excruciating groundwater flow,which usually takes days."Muhammad seemed denying that this would work,but Almyah just wants to get home.

"Alright then!Lets do this!"Almyah replied in excitement.

And there they went.Muhammad and Almyah,precipitating down to the icy wonderland of the glacier.

Surprisingly for them,nothing happened.They were frozen for a while,but then they eventually sublimated and infilitrated to the ground water.

"That was quite a boring trip.Don't you think?"Almyah Asked Muhammad."Muhammad?"

"Trying to get used to the...'beautiful' scenery."He replied,looking around seeing all the filth.

"My home looks better."

They infiltrated into a lake,so that way they can see the outside a bit more.Little did Muhammad know,Almyah was right next to a thirsty animal.

"Uh oh..."Almyah thought to himself.Thankfully,our hero grasped onto it's nose,allowing him to relax on the beast.

"What are you doing?Get down!"Muhammad yelled.

"Too late!Il'll come back though!"Almyah called in the distance.

After a while without noticing,Almyah was back at square one:the clouds.

"You know what?"Almyah thought aloud."I'll start a new life here!

The end

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