Umberger's Playbook RNC in CLE

John's playbook is presented by S.P.A. Umbergē. Take your yoga practice outdoors with our origional cork, neoprene and recycled rubber mat!

Meet the Contributors:

Linda, Nathan and John


Everyone's Arrival

RGA/RNC Finance Transition Team!

Down at the flats...

Kirsten Hopkins, Annie Baker, Mackinzie Jortner and John Umberger


Cleveland's oldest space, a confluence of protesters, police and history. The public square just finished a 50 million dollar renovation that basicly added benches and more bus lanes.

Police Quarantined Protesters in the Square

Central Monument Dedicated to Civil War Service

Many corporate offices were closed this week

Cleveland was such a unique ghost town on the water

Protesters had personality and good taste

More RNC Finance!

Lauren Bryan and Lauren Kirshner suite side on Tuesday

Ashley Bells's Hip Hop Party At Mabel's BBQ

Nathan's first club

RNC '14 in '14 Alumni Valerie Dowling!

And her Georgia Based Fan Club!

Cleveland, Ohio



Brunching hard with Sara Armstrong, Convention VP

"Coming out as trans was easy, coming out as a Republican with hard."

- Caitlyn Jenner

Taking a break at S.P.A. Umbergē before the evening session

On the floor with RGA legend and former boss Caitlin Schroder!

Mr. GOP images himself, Doug Coulter and his beautiful wife Robin!

The best intern I've ever had, Anne Thomas!

We got laid in CLE!

See you tomorrow!


Phil Robertson and Nathan Umberger

RNC alumni Whitney Nichols, now Convention Operations and John Umberger

Mini Oval Office with our First Lady, Linda Clary Umberger

Charleston's finest and Stephen Colbert's sharpest arrow: Mr. John McCrady Williams II

Back to the hotel!

Marketplace Finds...

En Route to the Q

Friends in Security!

Club 168!

Our "hats only" section!

Our Creative Problem Solver, and Nominee

Mission Complete

Empire State of the South!

Linda and Nathan at Society Bar

Spotted: Trump Jindal Swag from the Late Show!

Until next time!

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