World Patient Safety Day: Safe health workers, Safe patients #PatientSafety, #WorldPatientSafetyDay #HealthWorkerSafety

September 17, 2020 is World Patient Safety Day

Established by the World Health Organization in 2019, World Patient Safety Day brings together health workers, patients, families, care-givers, communities, health care leaders and policy-makers, all showing commitment to health worker safety and patient safety. Explore this page to learn more about how "provider safety = patient safety," and what you can do to spread the message.

Safe health workers,

Safe patients

Provider perspective

“If we’re not kept safe and we’re not there, we can’t help patients – the people who need us.”
Maureen Mullins, Patient Care Worker (PCW) at Prince County Hospital in Summerside, PEI

Patient and family perspective

"How can we expect providers to offer safe care if they themselves aren’t safe or cared for? It starts with the providers, this pandemic has made that clear."
Hélène Campbell, Patient Engagement Lead at Health Standards Organization

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