French Revolution By: Hailey marinellie

The French Revolution was in 1789 & it ended approximately in the 1990's. The French Revolution was a war because during that time period the French citizens redesigned their country's political landscape. The French Revolution started by the enlightenment ideals.

The French Revolution was not a success, but they managed to achieve all of their goals. The actions the French Revolution took helped shape the modern nations, and it played a critical role in history.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon was the French military leader and emperor, he took over a lot of Europe in the early 19th century. He also gained power rapidly during the French Revolution.

Reign of terror

The Reign of Terror happened between September 1793 to the 28th of July 1794. The Reign Of Terror was also known as "The Terror". This violent occurrence took place after the death of Louis XL in 1793 and after the French Revolution. It was a conflict between two political factions.

Reign of Terror

Napoleon was a hero in a lot of ways, the first way was he won many battles. He was mostly undefeated, and at the position he was in at the moment he was in most control of Europe. Napoleon was a emperor, and he was a leader in the military which made him pretty heroic. Napoleon was also considered a "villain" because of the way he only thought of himself. He also didn't think about his people all that mattered to him was conquer, and take over the French army.

In my opinion I think Napoleon was more of a hero. He had really good ideas when it came to supplies for battles and I think that he was really smart. He was probably the greatest military general, and he took so many wins when it came to wars and battles. If you look at it from that view point Napoleon was a hero.

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