Leave It Alone By Owen-Glass

Rope & The Rabbit

2019 | Pop

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“The people know that it’s nothing new. -- They’re selling lies at the church and school. -- They want your heart, your paycheck too. -- And they don’t give a damn for you."


  • Songwriter Kelly describes the bands genre as Anti-folk indie jam rock.
  • The production process for The Rope & the Rabbit involved chord-based folk songwriting that incorporates gospel-esque chorus repetition and roomy arrangements which allow for the showcasing of each individual instrumentalist.
  • The Rope & The Rabbit is Owen Glass' debut Album.
  • Vocalist/songwriter Kelly Conley's mother and aunt sing backup on a track.


Luke Tatum

This song takes me back. Way back to January 1st! Here's a bit of lyrics from Mike & The Mechanics' track Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground): "Don't believe the church and state; And everything they tell you." Since the state controls the schools, I see the openings of the two songs as roughly analogous. But this song really takes it a different direction from there. Owen-Glass is encapsulating a conversation we've all had. "Why don't you leave it alone?" This could be any issue. Schools, police, taxes, the multiple wars that never end. Pick whichever one you like, but someone in your life has asked you why you care so much. Why you spend so much time on it. Why you listen to so many podcasts about it. Why can't you just leave it alone? As the song rightly says, "I can't."

Sherry Voluntary

This ethereal number is not to complicated to understand. We are implored in the song to just leave it alone. The it being religion, public education, and seemingly the whole State apparatus. I can't agree with it more. Most Religions in The U.S. have become pitchmen for the politicians running the world. The "systems of the world" that the bible tells you to reject, and we all know how public schools are glorified indoctrination camps. The State is really good at what it does, and THAT is something I wish more people would leave alone.

Nicky P

The lyrics to this song are some of my favorite in a pop song. It touches on so many different issues in little bits. Taxation, education, even church infiltration. It's a very simple song so i'm not gonna belabor it with a long write-up. It's just a damn good libertarian song.

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Nicky P