Introduction to task

The new game Skyrise is a game that tests the skills of people and their new ideas. The goal of this game is to get the your bricks to their tower and place it on their side our pit it into their tower slots.the team with the most points wins. They way to get points is by either placing your block on their side and getting one point, or putting your brick onto their slots, if you put it into the bottom you get 2 points if you put it into the middle slot you get three points if you put it on the top slot you get 5 points.

Rules : 1. You may not pin someone

2. Robot must fit in the block of 11 by 17.5

3. Has to grab and lift block and put into slot

Facets: There are 28 hexaballs available as scoring objects in the game and their are two scoring zones, 16 low goals, 12 elevated goals.

Five examples: forlift, claw, shovel, arm, crane


Strategy: We will have a claw in the front to grab the block and put it on the back of the bot and then we will use the big claw on the back to grab it and put it into the slot. If someone tries to score on us while we are defending we will use the “wall” to block it from scoring if they try to get one point. If they try to attack us while we are putting the block into the slot we will use the wall or drop the block on them heavily to stop them and then we will either start fighting or grab another block to put into the other team’s slot

WHAT HAPPENEND: we were not able to build the claw, so we had to use a different design using spikes at the top of the bot. The bot did somewhat of a good job in the autonomous, but was not able to grab blocks easily, so we lost.

WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO NEXT: we will try to add pieces on to the front so we could grab the block easily

REFLECTION: Are results were that we lost our first rounds, but we learned from our experience that we need to add a claw so we can grab the claw more easily. I learned that i need to be better at adapting quickly from losing and improving. I learned that our team needed to better adapt to losing and improve. Our skills were that we had a good driver but needed to make a better autonomous program. I would add a law to the bot.

Additional thoughts: this is a great group

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