Ireland By: Zach L Kason C Elani S Randy O


Name of country--- Ireland

Picture of the flag

Product Seafood and Deep fried food

o Your company name -Randy Soul Shack

o The product you want to sell

Sea and Soul Food

o Picture of the product


o Does the U.S. have a trade surplus (or deficit) with this country? Show the

numbers to support this.

Deficit, The US is exporting $7.45B to Ireland, and Importing $28.5B from Ireland

o What is this country’s largest export to the world?

Packaged Medicaments for $22.8B

Exports and Imports

o Exports – What are the main exports this country sends to other countries?

Packaged Medicaments, Nitrogen Heterocyclic Compounds, Human or Animal Blood, Scented mixtures, Orthopedic Appliances

o Imports – What are the main imports of this country that it depends on?

Refined Petroleum, Package Medicament, Computers, Car, Crude Petroleum

Are there any trade barriers to discourage imports?


Capital, famous Cities and infrastructure

o What is the capital of the country? Dublin

o What are the 3 largest cities? Dublin,Ireland, Cork,Ireland, Limerick,Ireland

o How advanced is the country’s infrastructure (paved roads, airports, rail,electricity, internet, etc)?

Yes to all above, as well as cars, TV/Radio, Military, No nuclear energy, but hydo and fossil fuels

Demographics and Employment

o What is this country’s population? 4,755,982 (2013 est.)

o What is the primary language spoken in this country? Is English spoken there? English & slang, Gaelic

o What are the major occupations of the people?

o What is the unemployment rate?


o Culture

What is the traditional greeting in this country? (Handshake, hug, etc.)

100,000 welcomes, God and Mary with you. Friendly greeting to strangers, family kiss on both cheeks Handshake is a prefered greeting



Hagos, Alcohol ,corn beef with cabbage,Irish Soda bread,traditional Irish Stew

Geography Western Europe, occupying five-sixths of the island of Ireland in the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Great Britain

Art: the art of storytelling

Religions:Roman Catholic 84.7%, Church of Ireland 2.7%, other Christian 2.7%, Muslim 1.1%, other 1.7%, unspecified 1.5%, none 5.7%

Culture and Business today

o What are some of their beliefs and ideals?

Very traditional and old fashion ways

o Are there obvious gender roles?

Not really

o Do they expect gifts before a business meeting?

No unless you are invited to the house

o What are some customs?

Custom to shake hands at beginning and end of meetings. When speaking to an Irish person, keep an arm’s length distance from the person. Don’t break eye contact with an Irish Person when they are talking to you.

Corporate Biography

o What multinational corporations have their headquarters in this country?


o Choose one of the multinational corporations that you listed and give the

following information:

Corporate Culture – What do they believe in?

Innovation, and getting to the next best thing

What good or service does this corporation produce?

Search Engine

In what other countries can this corporation be found?

US, Brazil, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya

Show a logo, advertisement or some other graphic representation of this corporation.


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