Spelling Bee Year 5 and Year 6

Our Spelling Bee final took place on Thursday 27th February. Well done to all of the children who learnt their spellings and gained a place to compete for the title of Spelling Bee Champion 2020:

In Year 5, Davena, Yusuf N, Elnaz, Vraj, Arnika, Ephithia, Shamsa, Abdul,

In Year 6, Nazim, Nour, Roman, Sumaiyah, Yousif, Riaz, Zara, Abdi, Jaimisha, Blake, Manasika, Arman

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee Champion: Davena

Closely followed by:

Second place:Shamsa

Third place: Blake


Created with an image by Unknown - "Spelling Picture | Free Photograph | Photos Public Domain"