A Short Visit With Lasting Influence Visiting Artists at Minot State University

Visiting artists are integral to a vibrant art program.

Guests offer knowledge and encouragement, share new ways of working and seeing the world, and offer students the wealth of their personal experience.

Each year the MSU Art Department hosts numerous guest artists from across the region and nation.

MSU's visiting artist series offers a diverse set of activities of lectures, interviews, demonstrations, and projects.

Artists share their insight and inspiration that drives them to create.

Artists share their expertise in art history and theory, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, and their experiences as a practicing professional.

Students have direct access to the these well-known artists who share their techniques and invite students work by their side to make new work.

MSU boasts three art galleries, two maintained by the Northwest Art Center and one by Flat Tail Press.
Exhibits are rotated monthly and quarterly, providing nearly 30 exhibits from regional and national artists per year. Along with showing contemporary art, the galleries bring exhibiting artists and guest jurors to discuss the work.
MSU's NOTSTOCK is a remarkable annual event bringing hundreds of visitors to interact with guests artists.
Since 2007, NOTSTOCK has brought students and regional communities together with a wide range of art events including interaction with celebrated artists, demonstrations, and art exhibits.
Flat Tail Press is MSU’s educational printmaking studio where students work alongside visiting artists to gain hands-on experience with unique approaches and processes.

Through these encounters, students develop meaningful technical skills, as well as connect with the artists and other students.

Our Visual Arts Seminar course is a MSU distinctive; a course designed to help students gain practical experience for their future art careers.

The course is filled with frequent visiting artists and other arts professionals, such as art therapists, curators, and art educators that offer valuable insights and experiences.

"Working with artists from around the country is both eye-opening and refreshing. With such a diverse group of artists I've gained many new perceptions, both in and outside of the studio." Hannah Streccius – BFA Student

"The opportunity for students to work with visiting artists is one of the best experiences they can have in college, because it gives them the chance to see, not just hear or read, how professionals in the art world work and manage their careers. It can provide them with advice, networking opportunities, and rich experiences that may not be found in the classroom environment." Cera Pignet - BFA Student

Some of Our Visitors:

Aaron Coleman, Aaron Olson-Reiners, Adventures in Design, Aesthetic Apparatus, Alexandra Jelleberg, Amy Jo, Angela Young, Art Chantry, Ali Larock, Michael Conlan, Barbara Reitschel, Becky Dunham, Big Table Studio, Bill Goldston, Bill Caraher, Bjorn Christianson, Brad Bachmeier, Brian Paulson, Chad Ziemendorf, Chris Perry, Caroline Doucette, Mollie Douthit, DWITT, Daniel Heyman, Dan Smith, Dave DeVries, Delicious Design League, Douglas Degges, Eric A Johnson, Emily Wheeler, Eric Nyffeler - Doe Eyed, Fritz Scholder, Guillermo Guardia, Greg Blair, Hero Design, James Flames, Janet Lever Wood, Jay Ryan - The Bird Machine, Jaune Quick–to–See Smith, Jeff Johnson - Spunk Design Machine, Jessica Christy, John Hitchcock, Jonathan Twingley, Josh Hoeks, Joyce Hendrickson, Justin Santora, Judy Bell, Kelly Perlick, Kent Kaplinger, Kendra Rodgers, Kim Fink, Kimble Bromley, Landland, Mali Vargas, Mark Browning, Matt Wallace, Megan Duda, Megan Reiner, Merle Becker's American Artifact, Michael Barnes, Murray Tinkelman, Ned Krouse, Nick Zdon, Nicole Pietrantoni, Otis and James, Patrick Luber, Pat Marquard, Paul Thayer, Punchgut, Rebecca Bluestone, Rosemary Gould, Sarah Snavely, Sean Scott - Pomme de Terre Pottery, Sonnenzimmer, Sue Tirrell, Susan Davies, Terry Jelsing, Tillman Crane, Tom Christison, Tom Fleming, TOOTH, The Firecracker Press, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Tracey Linder, Walter Piehl, Wil Shynkaruk, Zach Stenson, Zeb Love

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Micah Bloom, Ryan Stander

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