About ME ANdrew Steg


I love music. I love most genres of music but if you couldn't tell from my collage I made I am very into rap and hip-hop. I also enjoy Jazz, R&B, Electronic, and Alternative just to name a few. Music to me is the greatest stress reliever life has to offer to me. Without music I wouldn't be me. (PLEASE EXCUSE THE LANGUAGE ON ONE OF THE PHOTOS).


My first true love. Before video games, girls, and even my love for music there was baseball. I love most sports and have played most sports throughout my life, but there is something special to me about baseball. To this day I still remember my first home run so fondly.

My Best Friends

These are my best friends from high school (some go back as far as Elementary School). From right to left we have Boone, Zach, Milan, Thano, Brad (who is in this class), Jack, and myself. These are even better friends then I could have ever imagined and as I continue to talk to them regularly I doubt these guys will fade out of my life.

Camp Coleman

Every Summer since 2010 I have gone to URJ (United Reform Judiasm) Camp Coleman. As a camper I made another group of amazing best friends who have molded me into who I am today along with my counselors. Now as a counselor at URJ Camp Coleman I have had the privilege of being the goof balls (and another group of goofballs in a different session) "parents" for a full month.

My Family

This is my family and they are the biggest contributors to why I am here today. From right to left; my sister Danielle, myself, my Mom Betsy, my Grandma Nina, and probably the most influential on me my Dad Jim. These wonderful people are the ones who have instilled the moral and ethic values upon me through love, caring and yes even discipline sometimes.

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