How America Started In 5 parts

America is now the strongest country in the world, but what started America? How did we get to this well I am going to explain that. These are what I think are the main reasons of how America started.

Jamestown was the first American settlement that worked. Jamestown was also a big part in how america started because it also made people get the first taste of being in the first colony this made people want to continue. Jamestown also made people get the first taste of building your own colony, and this could have been why people wanted to continue with America. Jamestown happened in 1607.


How was The Declaration of Independence a starting point to America? In 1776 the Declaration was signed the people who signed it included Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Hancock. All of the colonies signed it except for New York. The declaration was a starting point to America because it declared independence from Britain, and the king, King George lll.


How was the Treaty of Paris part of starting America? The treaty was signed by Ben Franklin, John Jay, John Adams, King George lll, and more. The treaty said that America, and England were now separated. The treaty happened at the end of the Rev. War, and America was now officially, officially free. The treaty was basically the second part of the declaration which really set america free in 1883.

Treaty of Paris

How was the U.S. constitution part of building america. It was part of building america because of it being our laws of america. This is because it set the standards for the new america as a country. It was signed by 39 delegate's,but 16 of the delegate's did not sign it. The convention was four months long, and 12 states were represented at it in 1887.


The selecting of George Washington was a part of building america but how? It was a building point to america in 1889 because of us now having a leader, to make decisions with the government that we now had. A law to enforce after the constitution after being free from Britain after the treaty. This also would now set america up as its own country completely we now had all the starting points to a country. George Washington was in the cabinet for eight years now the maximum for a president to be in cabinet.

George Washington

This is how I think America started,and how we got here to this day, In 5 Parts.

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