Bhopal Disaster By: Jordan Henington

On December 2, 1984, in Bhopal India, a gas leak occurred from a Union Carbide Pesticide plant leaving 30 tons of a toxic gas into the air called Methyl Isocyanate, including many other gases as well. This caused throats and eyes to burn, including nausea and several deaths. 3,800 to as many as 16,000 deaths caused by the gas leak.
Other than humans being affected, the leaves off trees near the factory yellowed. About 2,000 animals, mostly livestock such as goats and buffaloes were killed by the leak.
About 33 years later, many that were exposed to the gas that have given birth to physically and mentally disabled children.
Human right groups state that tons of hazardous waste remain buried underground. The government has acknowledged that the area is contaminated. Survivors have been fighting to have the site cleaned up, but they say the efforts were slowed since Union Carbide has been taken over by Michigan-based Dow Chemical in 2001.


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