The Harn By Mary Dickey

Photo by Mary Dickey
Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist.

A piece of art work that I saw in the Harn was an add made by the Guerilla Girls in protest of male dominated art world. Seeing this art work in person helped me better appreciate the artwork because when its seen in person, one can really understand just how big this artwork is, which is sometime you cant really articulate when you see it in a photo. The medium that the Guerilla Girls use is advertisement which I found striking because it really spoke to the culture of the world and how ad driven it is. This artwork communicated to me how unjust the art world is because the majority of art work in major museums are by white males, which upset me because art is suppose to be universal and to only be limited to one select group doesn't add up. Also, part of the reason why the Guerilla Girls wear masks is to protect their identity so it doesn't have a negative impact on their art career.

Photo by Mary Dickey
Design of the Museum

The Korean Art Collection wing was appealing to be because of the stark contrast between the architecture and the art itself. The architecture has a modernist appeal to it and is very clean cut. The art, on the other hand, was very traditional. Some of the pieces in the exhibit were as old as the 4th and 5th century. This exhibit gave me a sense of comfort because it shows that we can keep culture while at the same time creating new traditions.

Photo by Mary Dickey
Art and Core Values

Street Scene, Market Place by Jonas Lie appealed to my core value on interdependence. To me, interdependence is vital to human life because it provides human connections and allows a better way of life. This painting is of a New York market place and in this picture people are buying and selling things. In this picture, the sellers are relying on the women to buy the stuff they are selling so that they can make a profit. The women, likewise, are relying on the sellers to give them what they need. This picture highlights the need of people with skills that vary from ours so that we can obtain the things that we need or want in life that make it enjoyable. The artwork instills the feeling of comfort in me because it shows that the skills I lack, other people have. This helps me cherish my belief in interdependence even more and how important it is to not exclude people from society because it shows the world on a micro scale.

Photo by Mary Dickey
Art and the Good Life

Jim Twadell's Place by George Wesley Bellows conveys the theme of the Good Life for me. To me, part of the Good Life is the ability to do things for yourself. This painting shows a rural scene and shows only a woman at work. To me this highlights independence because she is not relying on anyone else to help her. The Good Life theme depicted in this art is sustaining the Good Life because in order to keep the Good Life, the woman still has to work for it. This adds to my understanding of the Good Life because this painting shows that the Good Life doesn't come easy and it requires work and effort to maintain it.

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