Ikea Social Media Strategy Augusto Amaral Lopes and Pamela Ho

Video Sharing, Microblogging and RSS as a Marketing Strategy

Video sharing refers to platforms that allow users to upload videos for the purpose of sharing content with others. Ikea currently has a youtube channel which helps facilitate video sharing. This social media technique can be incorporated into a marketing strategy by creating a contest for Ikea customers. Customers would upload videos of the process behind decorating their homes, rooms, gardens, or any space with Ikea products. The videos will show the decoration and furnishing process from start to finish. The videos with the most creative and inventive rooms/styles will be uploaded on the Ikea youtube page. This form of video sharing will promote Ikea’s products by showing its consumers first-hand how Ikea customers themselves use and bring the Ikea products to life in order to create a home. The winners of the video sharing competition will receive a reward, such as a discount on Ikea’s new collection. The aim of this marketing strategy is to involve the customers directly by showing how people can adapt Ikea products to their own individualistic style in a shared, public, and collective format.

Video sharing campaign on Youtube

Microblogging. Ikea can utilize microblogging in order to introduce new campaigns and collections. A new collection can be launched by posting several photos and videos with a 2-3 line caption of the product from the collection. These pictures/text can be uploaded on the Ikea webpage and other social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. Through this, consumers will be given ‘sneak-peaks’ or small glimpses of Ikea’s upcoming activities. The visual element together with a short caption will capture the consumer’s attention and intrigue as they will feel that they are discovering and learning of the new Ikea products one by one Thus, microblogging can be an effective tool in capturing as well as heightening consumer’s interests by providing small, controlled amounts of content at a time.

Rich Site Summary. Currently in Spain IKEA already uses RSS strategies in order to provide information to its customers through subscription feeds. However, the company does not have any RSS strategy focused on social media itself. In fact, the contents are mainly related to corporate and sustainability news, product recalls and expansion plans. With this in mind, our main strategy is to use RSS as an internet marketing tool in favor of grouping contents in a single feed and linking contents across different social medias. We aim to do that not only to enhance the company’s online presence, but also to sync and coordinate contents through different social media channels in the interest of saving time managing social media, increasing loyal followers, social media’ views and consequently profit.

Keeping in mind that the company has a strong online presence in the following social medias, we have as our strategy to store the main highlighted contents in one main feed. Indeed, with this centralized location strategy it would be extremely easier not only to monitor and measure popular news, clicks, followers, audiences and location reach, but also maintain and create personalized communication with the company’s target audience.

Facebook: +23,000,000 likes / Pinterest: +13,000 followers / Youtube: +36,000 followers/ Instagram: +140,000 followers / Twitter: +130,000 followers

Furthermore, besides creating a social media RSS feed in which would be easier and quicker for customers to be aware about the company’s top news organised and structured by categories, we aim to implement a RSS social media strategy through Dlvt.it that defines itself as a “Smart Social Media Automation” platform. Through this tool, IKEA’s online presence can be more dynamic, engaging and develop more personality. As such, by being more social media efficient the company has an excellent opportunity to automate processes of updating its social media and to integrate social media contents between its accounts. For instance, by linking Twitter contents with Facebook posts IKEA can attract more awareness to posted and new information

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