Of Mice And Men By August Ripley and teandre skinner

This describes how Lennie and George travel together.

Lennie and George are different from other ranchers because of how they travel together. Slim supports this by saying, "Hardly none of the guys ever travel together. I hardly never seen two guys travel together. My initial impressions of Lennie and George is that George is the brains and Lennie is the brute force of them team. The dream they have represents hope to them, and it is all they care about.

The bunkhouse is long, rectangular, and has whitewashed walls. There are small windows and eight bunks. This compares to the setting in the first part of the book in the way that both areas are drab and depressing. This setting suggest that life on the ranch isn't top notch. The ranch is definitely struggling. Lennie even says, "This ain't no good place." George lies to the boss about Lennie to protect Lennie and so that he won't lose his job.

An old bunkhouse
An idea of how the ranch looks like.

My initial impressions of Curley is that he wants to be a tough guy and he is mean. The swamper says, "Curley hates big guys. He's alla time picking scraps with big guys." This quote shows how Curley will be mean just because somebody is bigger than him. Curley picks a fight with Lennie because he wants to try to show dominance over Lennie since Lennie is a bigger guy, but this backfires. Curley's presence brings uneasiness to George and Lennie since they don't like him. George tells Lennie that he can take care of anybody who hurts him, but he also advises him to stay away from Curly. He gives Lennie this advice because Lennie is strong and could do something he doesn't mean to. This is good advice because it keeps Lennie out of trouble.

Short guy (Curley) fighting a big guy

One character who seems lonely is Candy. His dog is basically all he has, and he didn't want to give it up. He is lonely due to his age, his job, and he feels like he'll be nothing soon. The way he could solve this is getting the dream farm with George and Lennie because he could finally be happy and at peace. Another lonely character is George. This sounds off the wall at first because he literally travels everywhere with Lennie, but this holds him back from certain thing. George can't have a wife because he always has to take care of Lennie, and he feels like he doesn't have his own life due to Lennie. So even though he's always with somebody, he still feels lonely since he can't really have what he wants. He could solve this by splitting away from Lennie and going on his own path.

A lonely walk.

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