Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying it is different to verbal bullying because the people behind the nasty messages are cowards instead of saying to your face and you should always tell a adult .



Cat fishing is were you steal people's identity like say if I went on line and stole your identity you need to tell you parents or the site and they will get your identity back.

Age restriction

13? Really well yes You have to be at least 13 to use Instagram because people could post pictures of their fake selves and say lets meet up and that is wrong because really, they could be any age.


Text is were you can communicate with anyone but people can be mean and say mean suff to you. If this happens to you make sure you show a trusted adult.


Now follow these and never do what people on the Internet say because it could be anyone so always listen to e-safety and you will be safe on the internet.

Bonus part


Hacking is were people can steal your identity and get your personal details so tell the police because they will be sent down to jail.


YouTube it looks safe but you can still get bullied in the comment section so it could be good or bad good because you get to watch people and you can laugh bad because you can get bullied.


How to stop it first tell a guardian second report them third and final block them.

Child line

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