Maternity Prep Guide

The clothes that you choose to wear for your maternity shoot will determine how beautiful and comfortable you feel and ultimately how you feel about your photographs. Form fitting tops or dresses will show off your belly best, dont worry about hiding your body - I will ensure you are posed in the most flattering way. I have maternity dresses available for you to use which will add some romance and elegance to your shoot but bring along some of your favourite outfits too. Outfits that work best are plain, soft or solid colours, stay away from patterns or anything too busy - this goes for your partner and other children too. Try to ensure you all fit within a colour scheme and complement one another

  • Make sure you have a good meal before your session and bring some water with you
  • Dont wear any bottoms with elastic waist that might leave a mark on your belly 3 hours before session
  • Ensure you have clean nails (no chipped nailpolish) as there will be close up shots of your hands on your belly (this goes for your partner too)
  • Do your makeup as if you were going on a date - natural and pretty. Add a little extra mascara and add a lip colour that isnt too bold but will not blend in with your skin tone. Go easy on tanning - it can look very orange in photos.
  • You will need a strapless nude coloured bra and nude coloured knickers or boyleg bottoms
  • Lacy bras and boyleg bottoms are cute if you choose to do semi nude shots
  • If you are going more casual, full button down shirts are great so we can open the buttons to show your belly.
  • If you have long hair and planning to wear it down, bring an elastic with you to change up the look.

Try to relax beforehand, pamper yourself and enjoy the experience.

There are no silly questions so please contact me if you have any querries

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