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"It's better to create than to consume."


"Social media is a great way to consume content. If you're a creator, it's even better for sharing it."

I have been creating since before I knew what content was. Instead of mindlessly consuming, I preferred creating my own content. There is something truly powerful about bearing the fruits of your imagination.

"Bare the fruits of your imagination."

Everyone is an artist at heart. We grow up thinking art is an activity rather than a way of life. People would much rather build a lifestyle around the security of "what is;" Only few live their life according to "what could be."

MotIvational quotes

Next time you post content, consider the viewers emotions.
As long as you know it.
It doesn't have to be super complex to be amazing.
Oh yes Bob Dylan, how the times are changing.
Millenials, you know who you are.
Practice your religion often.
Which will you leave behind?



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Alberto Cordova Salcido


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