The Wallet By Joshua

The Wallet

I was walking down the gray and pretty dirty sidewalk. It was a warm day, around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I was going to the candy store to buy myself a delicious treat! The store in the city was huge, and the simple thought of candy put a sweet taste of sugar in my mouth. I couldn’t wait to get there! I kept walking, daydreaming about about all of the candy in the store. I slowly got closer and closer to the store, and could see the rainbow colors already. The smell of the sweet, sweet sugar slowly became stronger as I got closer to the store. I was two steps away, and the dull odors of the city vanished, and were replaced by the rainbows of the candy.

There was so much to take in, and the smell was beautiful. I had only brought 5 dollars, so I had to choose wisely. It was so hard to decide. I could either get a lot of small candies with a sweetness that could explode in my mouth with every bite, or I could get one King Sized candy bar that would bring deliciousness not only with its size, but with its taste.

“Hard to decide, huh?” The clerk questioned. By the smooth tone of his voice, anyone could tell that he was a friendly guy.

“There’s just so much to choose from,” I responded, as I picked up a bag of jelly beans. The colors of the candies packed together created a silent harmony.

“How much money do you have?” the clerk asked, as he leaned over his table. You could also tell that by the look of his face, that he was a smart guy and that he knew a lot about everything.

“5 dollars,” I answered. He made a strange face as he thought about what I could buy. He looked around the store once, and then he knew.

“I would recommend the small candies that are cheap, because the more the better!” He said. I took in that information, and looked around for the small candies. There were still so many options. I finally decided on 5 packs of jelly beans.

“Here,” I said, and showed him the jelly beans. He scanned them, and the quick, high pitched beeping sound sounded. I was getting closer to checkout.

“Four ninety-five, please,” the cashier said, when he read his glowing screen. I handed over my smooth, green five-dollar bill, and he gave me a small silver nickel in return. Then he said, “Thank you for your purchase,” and he handed over my rainbow jelly beans in a large white plastic bag. I couldn’t wait to taste the sweet sensation of the chewy goodness. I walked outside of the shop, and after I took a few steps away from the store, I opened one of the packages, and let out the sweetness of the jelly beans.

I plopped one of the beans into my mouth, and let the chewiness and sweetness combine to make an unexplainably amazing taste all fit inside of my mouth. I started walking home, and ate a few more jelly beans. I kept walking, and I texted my friend from my phone, asking him what he was up to for the day. After that, I kept walking, and when I was only a block away from my house, something caught my eye. It was on the dirty sidewalk and it was brown. I took a glance around me to make sure no one was staring at me, staring at this brown thing. It appeared to be a booklet, a small one, though. I got a little closer, and then I picked it up. The cover of the booklet felt like a soft leather. I decided to open the booklet up, which is when I realized that it was no booklet; it was a wallet.

So many thoughts suddenly popped up inside of my head; Who’s was it? When was it dropped? How valuable is it? Should I keep it? Should I put it back down? Should I investigate? I had no idea what to do with the lost wallet that was in my hands. After about a minute staring at the lost wallet, I finally decided to walk home, all with a surprised and scared look on my face. When I got into my room, I set the wallet down on my desk, and lay on my back on my bed, sorting through the options of what I could do in my head. I decided to call my friend Max, because he’s good at solving problems. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and called him. “Hello?” I said once the ringing sound ended.

“Hey Ness, how’s it going?” He asked me. He sounded bored, so I knew that this would be quite an adventure for him.

“Can you come over, like, right now?” I asked. I needed him to come over as quick as possible, before the owner could go far.

“Sure,” he responded, “Let me just ask my mom real quick,” he said, and I felt relieved. Max was coming over! I needed some help with this wallet mystery.

“Sweet. I need some help with… something,” I said, excitedly. I hung up, and waited for Max to come over.

There was a knock on the door, and I went over immediately. I turned the metal knob, and in front of me was the one and only Max.

“What’s up?” I said, invitingly. I made a gesture for him to come in. He came in, and I had him follow me into my room. I picked up the leather wallet off of my desk and showed it to him. “I would like to find the owner of this wallet,” I told him, hoping that he would say yes.

“Of course! Nothing better than helping someone out. Let’s start investigating,” he said as he took the wallet from me. He opened it up and pulled something out and showed it to me. “Look!” He exclaimed, ”It’s an ID! We could bring it to the police station to see if they could track the person.”

I took the ID from him and looked at the information. Her name was Janet, she had short, brown, smooth hair and shiny crystal green eyes. “Well, let’s go then,” I said. Max doesn’t only solve things, he solves them fast. We got over to the police station in around 5 minutes. Max gave the man at the front desk the ID, and asked him, “Can you find out where this woman lives?” The man took the ID, and looked at it closely.

“Sure,” he said. He typed some things into his computer, each click bringing us closer to solving the mystery. When he was done typing he printed something out and gave it to Max.

“Here you go. It has the exact address of her house,” the officer said. I couldn’t believe it. We were almost done!

“Thank you!” Max shouted, as we ran out the door. We were going to find the woman.

With the paper, we were given a map so that we knew which way to go. We walked so fast that we practically ran to the house. With each step we knew we were getting closer to the house. After about 10 minutes, we had finally arriver at the house. I let Max get the satisfying feel of ringing the doorbell, since he had done most of the work. When he pressed the button, we first heard a ring, followed by multiple footsteps. A woman opened the door and said, “Hello there,” and I knew at first glance that it was Janet.

“We have your wallet ma’am,” Max said, with no hesitation at all. She took the wallet, opened it, looked at what was inside, and then smiled.

After that she said, “How would you kids like it if I said dinner’s on me?”

After Max and I talked with Janet for a little longer, we all went to dinner together at a burger place.

“I can’t believe you found my wallet!” Janet repeated so many times. I ate a delicious hamburger for free, because it was bought by Janet in return for the wallet. We all had a great time at dinner, and I’ll remember the day for as long as I live.

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