Exactly Where I Want To Be

In 2005 I was among the first class in America to graduate with a B.S in Healthcare Informatics.

Being on the bleeding edge of Health Care and Technology combined my passion for medicine and computers and I was elated to be a part of this revolution.

Unfortunately, the industry still needed a few years to be ready for Informaticists. While the industry caught up, I started my career using my computer science background to work in technology.

As I climbed the corporate latter, I found myself less inclined to fix broken technology and more incline to show people how to fix it for themselves.

I found patterns on issues and stood up performance support Wikis before I had even heard the term Performance Support.

In this role, I became an expert in an esoteric technology, and was asked to present at a company conference to increase adoption of new tool.

By the end of that conference, I was having coffee with the eLearning design manager

That manager, few months later took a huge chance on an IT geek with no formal eLearning training and hire me as eLearning developer and LMS admin.

As I grew in that role, I studied Learning and Development blogs and attended training conferences. As my career advanced, I reached a piece of mind that I was finally in the occupation that was meant for me.

And then one day my favorite blog posted a job ad.
When I first read this post I ignored it, I was happy where I was. And yet every morning, I re-read the post and tried to get up the courage to at least see what it was about. After days of nerves, I finally sent an email where I candidly proclaimed myself as the worlds okay-est Instructional Designer.

It turned out, that is exactly who Endurance Learning wanted.

The quest to learn, passion to improve, and dedication to help others brought me here. My story is far from over, and I have learned that with a little risk and a lot of hard work, I keep finding myself exactly where I want to be.


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