PERETERA MANETA, Zimbabwe, 24 min

At a remote school in rural Zimbabwe, a young university graduate Miss Chipunza is to start working as the new A-level literature teacher. To her dismay and surprise she learns that by some technical fault she will instead be teaching the only class of students with special needs in the school. We follow her as she develops a mutual relationship with one of her special class mute students, Maneta. This relationship leads to the young teacher's discovery of what goes on around the school. With little time to stay in the school, it is up to her to unearth the truth about the headmaster, the school and her mute friend. Will the local folks believe the discoveries of this arrogant city woman?

Director: Tawanda Gunda Mupengo

AWARDS: UNESCO Child & Human Rights Award @ Zanzibar Int. Film Fest 06 / Main Award @ UNFPA Dakar Pan-African Film Festival 2006

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